Maldives Safety Tips & Travel Advice

Traveling to a tropical island doesn’t always ensure your safety while you’re there. Let’s face it, you’ve seen the movies about holidays gone wrong, and more. These resort islands are designed to be primarily safe, but there are some things you should be aware of before you go. We gathered some info for you about Maldives safety.

There are some Maldives travel safety precautions to know, Maldives security details, and more.

When you head to the popular islands or island resorts, you likely won’t have any issues. However, avoid breaking laws or paying penalties by knowing all the details before you go!

Below, you will find Maldives safety information to help you with your journey.

Is Maldives Safe to Travel To?

Safety in Maldives is based upon how you act and potentially even when you go. This is an Islamic country, which means there are certain lifestyle standards and tourists are expected to be respectful of the basic rules around the islands.

In some months, particularly the month of Ramadan, there always seems to be more civil unrest than usual. These are the times that the capital Male might have protests or demonstrations in certain parts of the island.

You can easily enjoy your vacation and maintain your safety by staying away from any of these activities.

Theft is always possible but basic safety standards will help to prevent this issue. You also need to abide by local rules as a tourist, specifically carrying anything illegal or how you dress in certain areas you visit based on the law.

Keep in mind the Islamic nature of this location, be respectful and you’ll be fine.

Malé is the capital city which is also the location for destinations, government, tour services, and many of the religious facilities too.

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Top Tips to Maintain Safety in Maldives

Safety in Maldives

Anywhere you go in the world, you run the risk of emergency needs, health problems, alcohol-related trouble, political unrest, terrorism, restrictions, attack, criminal threat, and more.

As a traveller, it’s your responsibility to understand the risks and take small steps to keep yourself safe.

The likelihood of you needing the police or running into a terrorist situation is slim. However, secure your belongings, pay attention to your surroundings, and respect the local culture.

The possibility of drug violence or crime weapons is always there but Maldives is not considered a dangerous location. Many efforts keep Maldives safe for tourists.

Here are some simple tips you can follow to avoid risks and stay safe in Maldives:

  • Don’t try to access prohibited areas
  • Be respectful of the Islamic culture and Maldives religion
  • Keep your drinking to a reasonable level
  • Keep your personal belongings on you and secured at all times
  • Travel in public with groups or a companion
  • Avoid drugs and other illegal activities
  • Understand the risks on the beach or near the water too
  • Be familiar with expectations for monsoon season if you visit in this timeframe
  • Secure items left in your hotel room

There are authorities and if you have any issues, you should contact them right away for assistance. Maldives thrives off travelers and visitors and they take great effort to keep you safe.

Also, be familiar with rules and laws in the area so you don’t accidentally offend when away from your resorts.

When you follow simple advice and keep your security in mind, you really shouldn’t have a problem while in Maldives.

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Island Resorts Vs. Public Places and Non-Resort Islands

Maldives street

It’s important to note that when you are on the capital Malé island of Maldives, there might be different expectations than when you are safe and sound at your private resort.

Also, keep in mind that non-resort islands may not have as much security and it could be safer to avoid those areas.

At your island resort, you will likely be able to engage in the majority of activities that you want without significant issues. At private resorts, you can dress how you like and wear what bathing suits you like, unless it is posted otherwise.

Your resort is a private location where it’s much more acceptable to let loose. When you head to public islands or places like Malé, you will need to be more mindful of what you wear and how you act.

For example, public displays of affection are sometimes frowned upon, particularly if you are not married to your traveling partner. Also, keep in mind that Maldives criminalizes same-sex sexual activity.

Once again, this boils down to being familiar with local culture and showing respect while you are in the Maldives. Whether you’re at the capital Male island of Maldives or some other location.

Many of the resorts are non-Islamic resorts but they are still part of the Maldives country and answer to the local government authorities. Tourists are allowed more freedom at these private Maldives islands as they are travel guests at a more private location.

Your menu might still reflect the Islamic backing of the Maldivian country and heritage, though.

Health Risk Advice

Maldives health risk

Disclaimer: This is not professional medical advice and shouldn’t be treated as such. Always remember to check up-to-date information from the official websites and/or with your medical provider.

When you travel the world, you always have the potential to face health concerns. It’s no different on the Maldives islands. You may be eating cuisine that you are not familiar with, or potentially exposed to something that negatively affects your health. We need to remember that this is a risk that you take when you travel anywhere in the world.

If you have an emergency or need immediate medical attention, you will likely be transported by boat or seaplane to Male. The islands will have staff on hand to help provide services for minor health needs or ailments as well.

Before you travel to Maldives, most travel advice recommends that you be properly vaccinated against certain diseases. If you are not, be aware of the signs and familiar with the associated risks in the Maldives.

These are the common recommendations. Be sure to check with your medical provider as well:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Hepatitis A
  • Measles (MMR)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Influenza
  • Typhoid
  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis
  • Pollo

You are required to have a yellow fever vaccination prior to entering Maldives.

See more info on CDC.

In addition, while in the Maldives, it’s very important that you follow proper safety for things like water and food. Both food and water could potentially carry diseases or bacteria if they have not been properly cooked or prepared prior to consumption.

Some insects could also potentially carry illnesses. The most common concern is from mosquitoes. If you are properly prepared with vaccinations prior to travel, you likely won’t have to worry about this while you are in Maldives. There is no malaria in Maldives but there are some dengue cases.

While in the Maldives, avoid contact with animals that you are not familiar with. This could include bats, snakes, monkeys, and other rodents. Even dogs might not be safe for you to handle.

Finally, you are at a resort that has travelers from all over the world. Practice common sanitation like washing your hands regularly while you are in the country and your trip will hopefully be free of sickness.

Maldives Transportation Safety

When you travel to Maldives, you will come to an international airport. In most cases, this is the International airport of Malé. Whether you travel from Sri Lanka, or another country, it’s important to always be prepared for safe travel procedures.

If you are taking a tour of some sort, your tour operator should be fully licensed to handle the vessel for your tour. They should have certification and proof of license somewhere visible. This is true for local or nonlocal operators.

For international flights, know the restrictions for tourist traffic from the different countries and understand the tourism rules at your destination.

Do not try to transport anything illegal on your holiday. This includes drugs, weapons, alcohol, and other prohibited items.

Possession of drugs can result in some serious penalties due to Maldives strong anti-drug laws.

Visitors should use caution with their luggage on their trip to ensure nothing happens to it.

Also, don’t bring any sex toys with you. They are prohibited and considered pornographic material which is not allowed in Maldives.

Dress Code Expectation for the Beach, City, and Public Places

Mosque in Maldives

On your trip to the Maldives, there are Maldives rules for tourists in some areas when it comes to dress code in Maldives. Because of Islamic religious practices, you should follow dress code and be respectful of the area.

Maldives rules for travel indicate that women should not wear anything overly revealing. They do allow two-piece swimsuits but they should still be modest so that you do not offend the locals. On private islands, it is not as strict.

At a public beach, public location, or even Malé, women should ensure they are wearing more modest clothing. Cover your shoulders and thighs and avoid wearing anything see-through.

For men, the expectation is that you do not wear any sheer fabrics and that your clothing does not reveal thighs or shoulders as well.

Maldives laws for tourists do not allow nudity or topless sunbathing on the beach.

Maldives Safety Based on Weather

Maldives Safety Based on Weather

Finally, sometimes the destinations you go to may have nothing to worry about related to crime or other negative things. Instead, you may have to worry about the weather around you to keep you safe.

In Maldives, monsoon seasons range from May to November. While services are still open and you can go to Male and other islands throughout the country, you need to be aware of potential risks still.

If you go to Maldives during the monsoon season:

  1. Know the safety protocols if a monsoon hits
  2. Understand how to get emergency services
  3. Watch the waves and ocean
  4. Follow the local advice and rules to stay safe

See more info on the best time to visit Maldives and learn more about the Maldives weather.

Maldives Safe Travel Designed for Travelers Like You

While we talk about risks and want you to be aware, take note that you are not likely to face a lot of these issues if you are paying attention and following the rules.

The threat of protests, attacks, and similar issues are primarily in certain areas of Male and you will be able to avoid those easily.

Maldives safety is set up to accommodate tourists. After all, this is how the country thrives. Help is always available if you do have an issue.

Some helpful links:

Consider Travel Insurance

Whether or not you choose to utilize travel insurance as part of your Maldives safety plan is completely up to you. You understand the risk of coming to any country, including Maldives. Anything could happen, including government enforcement of laws, travel accidents or mishaps, and even illness.

Maldivian countries are primarily safe but there is the possibility of crime, terrorism, or political unrest. You are always at risk, despite their best efforts. Avoid crime heavy locations and follow the law as you visit Male and other ears around the country.

For travel insurance, you will need to work with a related company to determine their options for your destinations and go from there.


Is Maldives Safe for Tourists?

Yes, Maldives is set up to accommodate tourists. You should know potential hazards and be aware but you’re unlikely to face major issues.

Is Maldives Safe for Ladies?

Yes. While Maldives is an Islamic country, women are still safe there. Be sure to follow dress codes in public areas and don’t travel around alone, especially in the capital Male.

Is Maldives Safe for Westerners?

Yes, Maldives is essentially safe for anyone. You just need to be aware and be respectful of the culture around you. Something to keep in mind is, that Maldives criminalizes same-sex sexual activity.

Is Maldives a Safe Place to Honeymoon?

Maldives is a top destination for honeymoons. It is safe. You might need to be mindful about PDA when you are in public locations but you are welcomed and wanted here.

Is There Much Crime in Maldives?

Maldives strictly enforces laws. However, there is always the potential for crime, despite supremely low crime rates in the country. Lock valuables up when away from your room, be mindful of pickpockets, and try not to flaunt money or wealth around.

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