The Best Maldives Restaurants to Experience

There are several tasteful and exquisite Maldives restaurants throughout the country. Each of them is incredibly unique and serves some of the most delicious cuisines you could possibly imagine. Maldives is known for its unique culinary dishes.

Many of the private island resorts of Maldives have world-renowned chefs creating tasteful masterpieces. Whether you want to dine on a private island, get to know what to expect at certain resorts, or just want to know the best restaurants of Maldives, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve narrowed it down to the top 11 best Maldives restaurants. Keep reading to learn more!

The 11 Best Restaurants in Maldives

You really can’t go wrong at any restaurant in Maldives. Much of the dining options and food creations come straight from the Indian Ocean or are grown and harvested at the island resort serving the food in Maldives. Male contributes to dining with imports of food and seafood as well.

You can find fine dining as well as casual restaurant choices throughout Maldives. Some resorts even have a private chef to serve your villa. We’ve taken a look at all of the Indian Ocean Maldives restaurants, from island resorts to specialty chef fine dining and everything in between.

Take a look at these top 11 restaurant selections to experience the best food that Maldivian guests could possibly eat. It’s dinner time!

  1. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
  2. Tavaru at Velaa Private Island Resort
  3. Reethi
  4. Le 1947 at Cheval Blanc Randheli
  5. Hot Rock
  6. The Spice
  7. Maaniyaa Restaurant
  8. The Market
  9. Pebbles by Royal
  10. Shades of Green
  11. Manta Ray Treehouse
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1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

The Ithaa undersea restaurant is a dining experience like no other. Your dinner here will be absolutely magical as you take in the ocean around you. Enjoy the menu delights while the fish and other marine life swim in the surrounding sea. It’s stunning and impressive with some of the best food in Maldives. This is one of the most popular Maldives dining experiences. It’s easiest to get in if you’re staying at the Conrad resort.

This special underwater location serves cocktails, premium European foods, caviar, seafood, tartare, stuffed pasta, and so much more.

2. Tavaru at Velaa Private Island Resort

Tavaru restaurant in Maldives

If you want to enjoy some of the most impressive seafood delights, the Tavaru at Velaa Private Island has some really awesome meals. Velaa has three different restaurants to choose from, but this is one of the best. This location services crab, Maldivian lobster, Wagyu, and some of the best wines in Maldives.

It’s a teppanyaki grill with a wide variety of grilled foods and other local delights as well.

3. Reethi Restaurant

Reethi restaurant

The Reethi restaurant is a unique experience and serves in three capacities. They have dining rooms based on earth, fire, and aqua elements. One serves Maldivian lobster, crab, and other special seafood menu items. One serves barbecue, and another provides gourmet selections like caviar and other top choices.

This restaurant is the resort’s pride and joy. You can enjoy it as a family or a romantic night out as a couple.

4. Le 1947 – Cheval Blanc Randheli

Le 1947 restaurant

You don’t need to stay in the Four Seasons to experience amazing dinners (although they have some great dining too). Check out Le 1947 as one of Maldives best dining choices. It’s sleek and chic, named after some of the best vintage wine straight from the resort. This is a fine dining location, and the menu clearly reflects elegant cuisine, much like the resort. Everything is made by the chef using local ingredients.

This resorts claim to fame is not a static menu but rather a 12-course tasting menu that the chef adjusts every week to keep things fresh and new. One week may have crab, yuzu, and caviar, while another might have tuna fish, coconut pie, and watermelon foam.

5. Hot Rock Restaurant

Hot Rock Restaurant

Hot Rock offers delicious cuisine at a friendly resort location on Meeru Island. They are unique when it comes to their dinner menu because they make delightful dishes that are less elegant but equally delicious. The menu hosts several different meat options, plenty of fish, seafood choices, vegetables, and more.

While it is not solely vegetarian, if you’re looking for vegetarian restaurants in Maldives, this beach dining experience is a great choice. It’s a top Maldives food spot to consider.

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6. The Spice Restaurant

The Spice restaurant

The Spice is another beach location. This resort with Indian food in Maldives is known for bringing the spice. However, it’s not just based on spice, so don’t be fooled by the name. The resort’s atmosphere is wholly inspired by luxurious relaxation, and that includes your meal at this lovely stop.

They have a nice bar and drink options. You can feast on the patio and watch the coral and ocean from the beach spots.

7. Maaniyaa Restaurant

Maaniyaa restaurant in Maldives

At the Sun Island Resort in Maldives, you will find the Maaniyaa Restaurant. The cuisine includes a variety of Maldivian dishes that are served across the islands. You can enjoy fresh lobster, ocean fish, and several other local choices.

They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this beach resort’s dining space, so you can enjoy their cuisine any time a meal is served.

8. The Market

The Market, Maldives

On the islands of Dusit Thani Maldives, you will find this romantic dinner spot. The executive chef has more than 30 years of experience and is now responsible for some of the best dishes Maldives has to offer. They have a private dining spot for their local guests but also allow access to the served menus for visitors.

The executive chef has gathered experience around the world.

9. Pebbles by Royal

Pebbles by Royal

If you want a clear view of the sea while you’re served a tasty meal, then Pebbles by Royal is a great choice! This seaside Maldives stop brings you sunset views, a full-course meal, culinary treasures, and relaxation all at the same table

It’s not your typical luxury destination for dinner, but guests enjoy the option to dine with breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus and just take it easy at this destination.

10. Shades of Green

Shades of Green restaurant

At the heart of luxury in Soneva Fushi, Shades of Green is the perfect place to eat. This is another choice for vegetarian meals as the house menus focus primarily on plant-based creations. They do have meat and fish, and they are known for their sushi straight to the table.

Every meal is a five course experience with traditional food, salad, and veggie inspired dishes too. It’s not just salad. The chefs create unique gourmet meals using traditional practices.

11. Manta Ray Treehouse

Manta Ray Treehouse

Finally, the Manta Ray Treehouse is a fun stop at Joali Maldives. The resort is still fairly new and this private location is found high up in the trees of the resort. You can take sunset views, eat lobster and fish delicacies, and feast on local favorites from the sea.

The treehouse dining spots host nine people at a time and are made to look like manta rays, hence the inspiration of the name. It’s a Maldives location for the books.

Types of Food to Expect at Maldives Restaurants

Each of the locations here is rather unique in what they offer. Yes, you’re at an island location, which means there will definitely be seafood. But that’s not all there is.

There are choices for every preference, and unique creations too.

These are some of the different types of foods you might experience:

  • Local fruits
  • Local vegetables
  • Fish
  • Crab legs
  • Lobsters
  • Coconut
  • Drinks and cocktails
  • Asian food
  • Italian
  • Aragu
  • European style
  • Delicacies

The food isn’t going to be the same everywhere you go. And it might even change from week to week. Most restaurants in Maldives delight in using localized items to create stunning masterpieces. You’re in for a treat no matter where you eat.

Maldives Dining Offers Many Amazing Experiences

You will find no shortage of places to sit down and dine in Maldives. There are Maldives restaurants in Male and throughout every island resort of Maldives.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Maldives cuisine or you just want to enjoy the treasures of the sea, there are plenty of options to choose from.

You can enjoy meals at your resort the entire time or head to Male and other surrounding areas to feast.

What type of food are you looking forward to trying the most?

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Maldives Restaurants on Map


What is the Best Restaurant in Maldives?

There are many really great choices. One of the most popular and unique options is the underwater restaurants.

Is There a Famous Restaurant in Maldives?

The 5.8 Under the sea experience is one of the most famous stops in Maldives.

How Many Restaurants are in Maldives?

You will find that there are nearly 400 options to choose from across Male and the various islands.

Can You Drink Alcohol in Maldives?

Yes, you can. While it is prohibited to bring into the country, the resorts have special licenses to allow it there.

Is Maldives Food Good?

Absolutely! There are plenty of meal options for any type of palette preferences.