Enjoy Golf in Maldives with the Perfect Paradise Courses

When people vacation in Maldives, many of them plan exciting adventures like snorkeling or scuba diving. Others want to soak up the sun and enjoy the cabana boy (or girl) bringing them all their favorite drinks. And still, others want to experience golf in Maldives instead.

Some hotels in Maldives have world-renowned golf courses. You can find golf at several resorts and some of the best golf course experiences in the world lie in this region.

In this guide, we will walk you through Maldives golf courses that you absolutely must consider visiting.

Whether you’re looking for a driving range or you want a quick game, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn more!

The Top Maldives Golf Courses

There is no such shortage of golf course options in the Maldives as you might think.

You just need to determine whether you’re willing to travel to golf in Maldives, or whether you want a resort spa that has a golf course on the grounds. It’s completely up to you!

We’ve searched out the best places to go. These are our top places for golf in Maldives.

The Best Golf Courses in Maldives:

  • Maldives Golf Course at Velaa
  • Kuredu Golf Club Maldives Golf Resort
  • Shangri-La Villingili Island Golf Club
  • Maldives Floating Course

These are the top legitimate golf club and golf course locations. However, you should also know there are several driving range choices, as well as virtual golf games, and even some island mini-golf selections too.

First, let’s talk about these four Maldives golf course locations.

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1. Maldives Golf Course at Velaa

Velaa golf course Maldives
Picture: Velaa Private Island

If you want to play golf in Maldives at this Indian Ocean resort, you’re going to need to book there. It just might be one of the best golf experiences you could imagine, though.

This island offers you a 6-hole course designed by José María Olazábal.

The Velaa resort spa rests on a private island. The golf course is right there on the island too.

It’s one of the most esteemed golf courses in the world and the hotel is at the top in Maldives, based on reviews. This resort spa is known for the Velaa golf academy and the challenging par.

Did we mention the stunning views that will leave you standing on the green in wonder at the sights around you? Each green was carefully designed by Jose Maria Olazabal, an esteemed designer. The tee placement is perfect and resorts say this course is one well worth the fees to play on.

You’re on an exclusive island so it won’t be overly crowded. You’re surrounded by the Indian Ocean and all of its beauty in view. You don’t have to worry about hotel travel or a trip away to some other near-map location. And you can pack in a ton of driving yards too.

There are a total of 6 greens and 9 tees on the course, it’s a short but pleasurable golf game experience. Many of the parts are interchangeable as well, so you can easily switch up your golf game or path to keep it exciting.

We’re not sure it can get any better than this in Maldives. Velaa is also on our list of Maldives most expensive resorts.

2. Kuredu Golf Club Maldives Golf Resort

Kuredu Golf Resort in Maldives
Picture: Kuredu Resort

Next up on our search, we come to the Kuredu Golf Club. Of the hotels in Maldives or resort spa destinations, this is another island that falls on the top of the list.

Their golf course is certainly one for the books if you’re looking for a Maldives golf experience.

This is not your average 9-hole golf course but Kuredu is certainly one of the golf courses to remember. You can stay at the resort spa and enjoy the course without a care in the world.

The view is utterly astounding and you can see nothing but palm trees, the ocean, and Maldives life for miles.

The holes are quick and short with an average of only about 55 yards per hole. But each hole has some sort of unique visual or attribute that still makes it stand out.

This golf course is amazing for quick games or just enjoying swinging the club without the bland driving range background.

That being said, they also have a full range and even keep a hired golf pro at the island resort to work with golfers any way they like.

The course itself is private to resort guests. They can easily walk to their first hole from the resort villas at Kuredu to play. Reviews say it’s peaceful in the sun and near perfect too.

The golf course is described as a 6-hole, 3-par course atop the Male atoll at Kuredu. The Kuredu resorts are perfect for setting up your tee and playing the holes any way that you enjoy. The guests enjoy some sun, an ocean view, beautiful green holes, and more.

The Kuredu golf club is special in so many ways. Just enjoy your time and don’t fret about the size of the green or the length of your drive. It’s all about how you played the game.

They even have clubs and other tools that you can check out for your golf activities.

Kuredu is also on our list: Affordable Maldives Resorts

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3. Shangri-La Villingili Island Golf Club

Shangri-La Villingili Island Golf Club
Picture: Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa

NOTE: This resort has been opened for acquisition and it not currently taking any guests.

If you head towards the South on a trip for the perfect nine holes, you will quickly come to find yourself on one of the best golf holidays in Maldives. This special course is one of a kind, well worth your time, and a recent award winner too.

The size outdoes every other course with a full island-length section dedicated to the course.

If you plan to visit the Villingili 9-hole course, you will definitely want to get your game reserved. Golders and reviews mention that sometimes it’s booked quite a ways out.

Villingili is still exclusive but it has quickly become one of the most popular island golf courses in the Maldives.

Unlike Kuredu, your tee and your green will have broad expanses on the entire 9-hole design. It’s on the southern tail of the Villingili islands and part of the Shangri-La resort.

They have a pro shop and a fully stocked clubhouse too.

The Villingili resort and island sports stunning views for the golfers to enjoy. This included coconut palm trees, gorgeous green flora, white beaches, the blue lagoon very near, and the ocean too.

If you’re staying at Villingili island hotel, you will be just around the corner from your tee. The Shangri La Villingili golf course is only available to resort guests as well. You won’t be fighting the crowds to swing your clubs or perfect your par game either.

While you’re at the resort spa, be sure to also check out other Maldives activities and amenities. Reviews say the spa here is another perk.

Golfers can head out from their villas, enjoy a tee off or two, and then head to their reserve time slot at the spa to relax afterward.

Golfers might also enjoy diving, pro golf amenities, delicious cuisine, or a good book by the ocean. You can spend days here and never experience the full value of your time.

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4. Maldives Floating Golf Course

Maldives floating golf course
Picture: Waterstudio NL

Keep your eyes open for this upcoming Maldives golf course. It’s the first ever floating golf course and it’s currently in the works! This golf course has been in the planning and creation phases for a bit now so it’s not open yet – but it will be coming in the future.

In 2022, the updates boast of being the first ever 18-hole floating course. It’s going to be loaded with practice areas, putting greens, aquatic driving range, and a spectacular ocean view all around you.

The Academy is a 9-hole, par 3 course that enhances the learning curve. Each hole will have a variety of tee setups that cater to pro and experienced golfers as well as beginning and hobby golfers too.

According to the details that have been released so far, this will be the Royal Indian Ocean Club, created by Waterstudio.NL. It’s destined to be the ultimate golfer’s paradise! On some holes, you will move from tee to tee using underwater tunnels with amazing views of the ocean and marine life around you.

When the course opens, it will be on the Male atoll, just a quick trip away from the capital island. We find more details as they get closer to completing the vision.

The course will have an underwater clubhouse, a golf shop, and a bar and restaurant space as well. They continue to work with Troon Golf as they work towards the planning and completing the designs to begin construction. Watch for more details to come.

You might just need to book another trip to the Maldives to experience the course when it’s ready!

Set Your Course Expectations

Before you head out planning to play golf, we want to run a few quick tips by you.

This should help every player plan their experience:

  • You may have to be booked to stay at a resort to play there
  • Every resort or course is different and special in some way
  • There might be other recent locations not listed here
  • Try the floating course for an exciting change if your resort doesn’t have a course
  • Feel free to replace a full golf game with a round of mini golf instead. This is commonly available at many different locations.

Golf in Maldives as Part of Your Adventure

When it comes to golf, your Maldives options are slightly limited. It’s a challenging concept to build strategic courses on private islands. This is why so many of the Maldives courses are tied to private resorts.

If you want to golf in Maldives at a specific location, you will need to book at that golf resort in order to do so.

The golf atmosphere is fun and inviting. These stunning courses will really complete your stay and you can try to ramp up your average on a quick nine holes.

Where will you stay to get in a great golf game?

See other things to do during your vacation in Maldives.

Maldives Golf Resorts on Map


Can You Play Golf in the Maldives?

Yes, you certainly can. Most of the golf courses are private for the residents of the attached resort. Be sure to plan your stay at a resort with a golf course if this is important to you!

Which Maldives Island Has a Golf Course?

There are a few different islands that you can golf at in Maldives. Most of them are not far from the Male atoll or the capital island. According to reviews, the Villingili location is one of the absolute best.

Is Maldives a Golf Country?

When people come to Maldives, they are often more interested in diving, play, and other activities. However, you have plenty of time to find a quick game or two here and while the size of the courses isn’t substantial, there are some clear winners to choose from.

Do You Have to Be a Private Guest to Golf in Maldives?

Most reviews of these courses point out that you have to be staying at the resort you want to play at for the days of your play time.

Is Golf Expensive in Maldives?

While some of the courses are pricey these days, every course is different. Some of them have much higher price tags, while others are reasonable and could be a full days activity.

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