The Top Maldives Surf Resorts to Catch Waves in the Maldives

Surfing is a great sport to experience while you’re in the Maldives. If you love to surf or have an interest in surfing while you visit, finding the best Maldives surf resorts will guarantee you the best experience possible.

The good news is that there are several really great resorts that offer surfing lessons or surf resort packages paired with their well-known world-class accommodations. So you get the best excitement of a surf trip combined with all the luxury and comfort of a Maldives vacation.

Check out these top Maldives surfing resort options and enjoy the adventure!

Top Maldives Surf Resorts

There is a lot to know before you head out on the Maldives waves. But one thing is for sure. The location here is perfect for surfing, with tons of great surf spots in Maldives.

While you can stay at a resort and then go somewhere else in the Indian Ocean to go surfing in Maldives, you might as well find the best waves in Maldives right at your resort if you can, right?

These are the top picks for the best surf resorts in the Maldives.

  1. Six Senses Laamu
  2. COMO Maalifushi
  3. Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa
  4. Niyama Private Islands Resort
  5. Cokes Surf Camp
  6. Four Seasons Resort in the Maldives
  7. Ayada Maldives
  8. Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort (LOHIS)

1. Six Senses Laamu

Surfing in Maldives
Picture: Six Senses Laamu

If you’re looking for world-class waves and surf packages paired with a Maldive luxury location, you can’t go wrong with this luxurious all-inclusive paradise destination. The island is known for its beautiful beach, the nearby location to Male with just a quick speedboat ride for access, and the range of options on the tropical atolls.

Nearby, you will have access to the Roaring Forties wave creations, giving you some of the best Maldives surf spots. It’s a highly sought-after location.

You can also get some great rips directly from the house reef on your Maldives surfing trips.

It won’t take much paddling to find the perfect spots to enjoy, and the underwater sea life in this area is exquisite too. You will find surfing under the experiences on their website.

If you’re looking for Maldives surfing for beginners, the Tropicsurf location is the master, and they cater to every experience level and age.

This is one thing that makes them one of the best surf resorts in Maldives.

Read our Six Senses Laamu review.

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2. COMO Maalifushi

Surf resort in Maldives
Picture: COMO Maalifushi

Plan your Maldives surf vacation at COMO Maalifushi. They have several package choices, and a lot of fun holiday adventures to be had. The resort even has a famous surf center point with plenty of riptides and surfer fun to be had.

You may need to ride out on a small boat for some of the breaks at the Thaa Atoll, but you could easily spend the day surfing from here.

From the Maldives luxury resort, there are a multitude of nearby Maldives surf spots, even aside from the surf center on site. Head nearby for access to the Thaa atoll, or hang around at this ocean point for instruction and plenty of fun for all surfers to have year-round.

This trip can be great for experienced surfers, as well as those with little surf experience. Find your best left-hander or right-hander break in the waves of this Indian Ocean atoll.

Choose from a variety of surf packages before you ride the waves in the Maldives.

3. Anantara Dhigu Maldives Luxury Resorts

Anantara Dhigu Surf Resort
Picture: Anantara Dhigu

Another spectacular location for your surf holiday is Anantara. It’s a luxury surf resort in Maldives, and you will certainly find world-class waves and surf breaks all around the resort.

The accommodations are stellar, making this one of the best surf resorts in Maldives.

Anantara has its own wave and surf break within Maldives. The world-class waves known as Veli Left are perfect for advanced surfers. it’s just slightly across the channel so paddle out just a bit or surf out away from the resort into the Indian Ocean to take on this left-hander.

If you need something more mellow in terms of waves, surfers can also enjoy the break of things like Nonyas, Boatyards, Natives, and Riptides all around the luxury island resort. It’s the best waves for surfers to head out on their own or with their designated surf guides, providing a wide variety of breaks and waves to choose from in the South Male Atoll.

4. Niyama Private Islands Resort

Niyama Surf resort in Maldives
Picture: Niyama Private Islands

In the heart of Dhaalu Atoll, rests Niyama Resorts on a private island. This resort is known for their Vodi breaks but you have open paddle access to the whole of Dhaalu Atoll to make the most of your luxury surf trip.

This Maldives surf resort has its own waves to surf on, and plenty of surf break opportunities in Maldives. Whether you’re a beginner that needs to be with surf guides, or you’re experienced with surf activities, you’ve got plenty of options here.

Your Maldives surf trip can be complete in a single location to enjoy it all here at this resort. However, they are not above helping you move to other resorts or Maldives surf trip locations if somewhere has a better conditions at the time.

They have both right-hander and left-hander wave range motions, and it’s sure to be a fun tropical experience for every surfer.

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5. Cokes Surf Camp

Cokes Surf Camp, Maldives
Picture: Cokes Surf Camp

If your Maldives surf trip is going to be totally about surfing, you might want to consider Cokes Surf Camp. Cokes and Chickens or Chickens and Cokes is the name of the game at this Maldives surf trip camp.

They offer a variety of accommodations, and every one of them is designed around being a surfing destination.

Everyone that comes to this destination in the country on holiday comes for one thing, and that’s surfing. They have a great beach and a tropical atmosphere, but they are famous for surfing destination details. They have a number of packages, including different villas and camp accommodation packages. You can house a large number of people together, or hang out in smaller villas and units on your own too.

Cokes and Chickens is an award-winning Maldives surf destination, and it’s just a short paddle trip from the camp. Choose from Cokes or Chickens, or even take on both breaks and locations. Spend time with other surfers, and just enjoy a designated surf holiday in Maldives.

Will you choose Chickens or Cokes?

6. Four Seasons Resort & Spa Kuda Huraa

Four Seasons Surf Resort
Picture: Four Seasons Resort & Spa Kuda Huraa

Another top pick for luxury Maldives surf resorts is the Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Maldives resort and spa location. This Maldives luxury resort is not necessarily known for surfing, but it is available and they even have surf lessons for the kiddos.

It’s a great Maldives surf resort near South Male Atoll if you want to experience more of Maldives than just surfing. That being said, the surf options are great here too with several nearby surf breaks to enjoy.

You could also hop on a short boat ride to nearby surf breaks in the atoll, while having access to this exclusive resort at your fingertips. The villas here are near Male, which means surfers have plenty of close access to breaks of any kind.

7. Ayada Maldives

Woman surfing in Maldives
Picture: Ayada Maldives

The Ayada Maldives is an exclusive luxury surf resort. They have world-class surfing, making them a top choice among Maldives surf resorts. From reef breaks to perfect swells, surfers can enjoy whatever they desire here.

It’s an exclusive resort island with private villas so you get the best of luxury and surf breaks from these packages.

This exclusive island resort has several locations for surfers to enjoy a break of their level on any given day. In the North male atolls, you’ve got variety and expertise. The guides take surfers by speedboat to the best location for surfing to their heart’s desire based on the current weather in Maldives and conditions.

While you’re at this famous tropical beach resort, make sure you check out the range of options at the spa too. Rumor has it, enjoying different package choices makes this stay absolutely great.

8. Adaaran Maldives Surf Resort

Adaaran Maldives Surf Resort
Picture: Adaaran Select Huduran Fushi

This Maldives surf resort is another great option for your stay. They are an all-inclusive resort with luxury accommodations on the island.

Around the island, there are tons of great breaks for surfing both right and left. They are known for six world-class waves within a short speedboat ride to experience around the atoll.

Head out on the breaks and waves for barrels, sultans, and so much more. Then come back to the villas to relax and recover from a busy day of surfing. This paradise location is exclusive to the resort and is easily among the top Maldives surf resorts for many reasons.

Recently, the luxury surf resort added a surf management plan to make the most of surf breaks and avoid the area getting overpopulated with surf goers, making it hard to enjoy. There are some specific rules to follow to get exclusive surfing rights at these Maldives surf breaks. While many surf resorts will let everyone go, that’s not the case here.

You should also be aware that the surf breaks at this Maldives surf resort are best for those with some experience, even though you can be accompanied by a surf guide on your excursion.

Choosing From the Maldives Surf Resorts

These are just a few really great Maldives surf resorts to consider. There are several other locations out there as well. You could also just choose a Maldives luxury resort and then use a surf charter or surf excursion if you don’t get booked into one of those great surf resorts out there in Maldives.

Today, our focus is on surf resorts, though. So, how can you possibly choose from the different Maldives resorts in the area? Do you look for a certain island or atoll, are you checking for luxury villas, or is it really all about the Maldives surf possibilities?

In the end, these details will be totally up to you. However, here are a few tips to consider as you plan your trip to paradise for some Maldives surf adventure.

Skill Level

Surfing skill levelYour skill level will make a huge difference where you decide to surf in the country of Maldives. It might also make a difference just where you stay while you’re in paradise as well. The country has a lot of great places to stay, and a lot of great places to surf.

When you get lucky, you find Maldives surf locations that also have incredible accommodations. But you really need to understand your skill level and choose a Maldives surf location that can accommodate your skills.

For example, above there are some resorts that recommend being at least intermediate to surf at their atolls. There are also many others in the country with Maldives surf options for any skill level from beginner to expert.

Pay attention to these details as you choose where to stay in Paradise.

What Are You Looking For?

SurfboardsDo you have some sort of surfing preference? Perhaps you want huge waves, barrels, sultans, chickens, or some other point of surfing play. There are various atolls and locations throughout the country, and many of them offer a variety of styles to surf in.

But if you want something special, choose the atolls that provide that experience for you. Every atoll and island has its own unique waves, some of them being quite famous. But what is perfect for another surfer experience may not be right for you.

Choose your Maldives villas and your atoll based on what appeals to you in terms of surfing.

Accommodation Preferences

SurfersAnother thing that you will want to consider in choosing resorts in Maldives is the accommodations that you want while you are there. Maldives has all sorts of resorts, and many of them have luxury experiences.

However, you will also find a number of Maldives locations that focus more on activities and less on luxury.

Are any one of them better than the other? Well, that completely depends on your preferences while you are in the Maldives!

Look for Maldives resources that will provide for your preferences. If you want villas and excellent surfing options in Maldives consider Maldives all-inclusive resorts with surfing opportunities.

If you want to focus on surfing and hanging out with other surfers in Maldives, look for places like Cokes Surf Camp that bring exactly that to your stay.

Consider Maldives Surf Packages

Maldives surf packageAnother thing that you may want to consider when planning your Maldives surfing expedition is what type of packages are available. Will you be able to surf at leisure, or will you need designated times with guides?

Understanding what your options are is going to make a substantial difference in your selection. Only you will know what the focus of the trip should be. Do you want to combine experiences like surfing with spending time in the spa? Maybe you want to head out on a surf charter for a day.

Always take the time to determine what different resorts offer for these packages so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Start Planning Your Surfing Adventure in Maldives

There are several really great Maldives surf resorts, as well as many resorts that offer surfing excursions to their guests. You have a multitude of options to choose from, so there is bound to be a great choice for your needs.

No matter what you choose, it’s going to be an adventure to remember!

What’s your surfing style?

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Maldives Surf Resorts on Map


Which Maldives Island is Best to Surf At?

One of the top choices is the Dhaalu or Huvadhoo Atoll locations. There are several islands around these areas, but you get a wide variety of surf styles and levels to choose from throughout the region.

Can You Surf in the Maldives?

Yes! There are some really awesome spots to choose from, all throughout the country. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there is definitely something you can enjoy.

Can Beginners Surf in Maldives?

Absolutely! There are locations and options for every skill level. You can also take lessons if your resort or a nearby location offers them. Just be sure to check out these details as you plan.

When is the Best Time to Surf in Maldives?

The Maldives surf season typically runs from about November to February of each year. You might be able to surf at other times as well, but this is your best timeframe in most cases.

Does it Cost Extra to Surf in Maldives?

This will depend on the location, what is offered or allowed, and what equipment or guidance is needed for you to surf there. Check with the resorts you consider, or designated surfing locations to determine any costs.