Surfing in Maldives – Ride the Waves in Paradise

There are a lot of great resorts in Maldives that are known for their prime surfing locations. However, if you want to enjoy surfing in Maldives, you don’t necessarily have to be staying at or visiting one of those specific resorts. There are a lot of great places that you can get your surf on.

Surfing in the Maldives is a common water sport. Whether you want to stay at a surf resort or just hit the waves in the Maldives while you’re there, you will find plenty of choices to do just that! There are prime locations in Maldives for every level of surfer, from beginner to expert, and everywhere in between.

In this guide, we will share with you the Maldives surf secrets, including top Maldives locations and some tips and details you should know before you head out to surf!

Let’s take a closer look.

Top Surf Locations in Maldives

Top surf locations in Maldives

The top locations include a variety of surf resorts, as well as world-class locations around the Indian Ocean throughout Maldives. At most of these surf spots, anyone can get out and enjoy the waves. Surfers should be familiar with the best surf conditions or be going with a guide if they are not experienced with the wave conditions.

The top surf spots in Maldives can be broken out into three categories. You may find a Maldives surf resort or a few spread out through these Maldives surf spots.

If you want the best wave in Maldives, these are the three primary locations for surfing in Maldives:

  • Northern Atolls, North and South Male
  • Central Atolls locations
  • Southern Atolls

These Maldives surfing spots have some of the most well-known waves in the world. The Maldives waves have certainly built a name for themselves, and your Maldives surf trip needs to hit some of the winners.

Let’s look at what each of these atolls has to offer in terms of the best waves in Maldives.

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Northern Atolls Surf Breaks

The Northern Atolls consist of North Male and South Male. From north to south is a short distance in this atoll. The north and south area of the North atoll has some great locations across the board. Off to the distance, you can also find Ari Atoll, which isn’t so bad either.

Most people head to the north, but it’s not the only option. This location is mostly known for their surf breaks. Here, you will find left-to-right reef breaks that are great for intermediate and advanced-level surfers.

These are some of the surf breaks you will see visiting these Indian Ocean atolls for surfing:

  • Lohis
  • Cokes
  • Chickens
  • Ninjas
  • Jailbreaks
  • Sultans
  • Honkys

Chickens, cokes, jailbreaks, and sultans are probably some of the top surf trip preferences in Maldives. You might also check out Pasta Point. Pasta Point is considered the wave machine of this Maldives region.

If you want to head to the South Male area, charter boats are required to get there for surfing. They have some top spots in Maldives that you may recognize. The charter boats can take you to Riptides, Twin Peaks, Kate’s Natives, Quarters, and more.

Central Atolls Waves and Freedom

If you want to hit a wave or two with the freedom to express your own surf style, the Central Atolls is the top place to do it. While you may not know the surf breaks to expect ahead of time, the Central atolls is home to the perfect right-hander opportunities.

The central atoll is most known for those right-hander breaks. You will find that the right-hander spots are not as busy as other areas, making it more enjoyable for the laid-back surfer who just wants to enjoy a wave (or a few).

If you’re surfing in the Maldives in this location, these are some of the breaks you might come across:

  1. Muli – Inside and outside mushroom breaks that bring you fast barrels with long walls and a hollow center. The swells build up quickly, so pay close attention and exit at the corner.
  2. Mulhaku – this wave has both rights and lefts and is one of the top Maldives surf options for beginners to surf. Head to the right to get your footing, and then move to the left when you’re ready for more speed.
  3. Mikado – powerful but consistent wave located in Thaa. The hollow walls bring you top barrels that you can pump out for a long time. This is a very powerful wave, so come prepared.
  4. Veyvah – switching to a long left-hander, these waves are easy to handle and fairly gentle.
  5. Tsunami – another left-hander in Maldives with the biggest swells to offer. You can break out in three sections to surf in the way that suits you best. They are all great if you ask us.

Southern Atolls

The Southern atolls are incredibly remote, but it’s where some of the top surf resorts in the country are located. Again, you rely on charter boats to get out to these Maldives areas for a great surf experience.

When surfing in the Maldives in the Southern atolls, check out these hot spots:

  • Tiger Stripes
  • Rockets
  • Antiques
  • Voodoos
  • Blue Bowls
  • Beacons
  • Gaukendi Bridge

You will find some swell surfing opportunities from left-hander wave to right-hander wave choices. The breaks of this atoll are mighty and unhindered, which is why surfers love them. You can hit the waves of these atolls in surfing season to take lessons, but experienced surfers can get out on the swell any time that they feel confident.

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Exclusive Surf Resorts in Maldives

Exclusive Surf Resorts in Maldives

If you want to plan your surf season escapade specifically at a resort, check out these luxury options. They are all on private island locations that will provide you with long rides, winds to back you, and crystal-clear waters to enjoy.

These are a few resorts to look up for surfing in Maldives:

  1. Cinnamon Dhonveli of Malé
  2. Six Senses Laamu Luxury Resort
  3. Four Seasons Luxury Resort in Maldives
  4. Cokes Maldives Surf Camps
  5. Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort (LOHIS)
  6. Ayda Maldives
  7. COMO Maalifushi
  8. Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa

This is not an exclusive list of Maldives surf resorts. There are plenty of luxury resorts across the islands that will bring you swells, winds, and enjoyable surf. Remember that you don’t have to stay at one of these exclusive luxury Maldives surf resorts in order to surf the swells.

Here you can find more info: Maldives surf resorts

Maldives Surf Season

Maldives Surf Season

If you’re looking into planning Maldives surfing trips, you need to be familiar with the seasons. While you can find surfing weather all year long, there are times when the tide or the peak breaking points might not provide a smooth ride for even advanced surfers.

Riding the waves at any spot may not always be perfect for Maldives surfing, but understanding the basics of when you can have the most fun for your Paradise surf adventure could make a huge difference!

Whether you head out by boat or seaplane, get to know the seasons. These seasons are pretty consistent across most parts of these paradise islands, but it can vary slightly in some areas.

Generally speaking, the best time to surf across the islands and the atoll is from March to October, with April to June being the hottest times all over. Some of this timeframe from March to October encompasses the rainy seasons of paradise, but it’s also when you will see the best swells to have tons of fun.

If you’re looking for the biggest wave access and hollow access points, consider planning for June, July, or August. The reason that March to October is so popular is that the waves change from point to point.

March to April is part of the heavy monsoon season in the northeast part of Maldives. So this is when most people will head to the Southern parts of Maldives. Then from May to October, the monsoons shift to the other direction, making the Northern and Central Maldives locations more fun in those time frames.

In short, March to October is the prime surfing season, but you won’t necessarily be able to surf the entire expanse of Maldives from March to October, so keep that in mind. These seasons will impact your trip in every way, including swell breaks, winds, and other details that surfers rely on.

Surf with a Boat Charter

It can be a lot of fun to head out with a group and travel with professionals to hit the best surf locations. There are boat charter options to help facilitate this. The charters can help you find the chickens and cokes, as well as take you to the top range spots to be surfed in the country.

When you use a charter, it’s best to be at an intermediate or advanced level. That being said, you will have a local guide who can help you navigate the ride on your board and find a range that works for your expertise. They will know and understand the tide, be able to work with you in shallow water for training and have the secret local spots to head to.

In some Maldives surfing situations, you might also take a seaplane to reach the perfect spot. It’s all about finding the perfect location for your surfboard experience, anywhere in the local sea.

The Maldives surf resorts also often have charters to take you out to their hotspots, so keep that in mind. The point of a charter is to take you out from the island into the atoll locations so that you can hit the perfect winds, catch an awesome swell, and just enjoy the trip!

Top Maldives Surfing Tips to Know

If you want the perfect experience and a surfboard adventure, you might find these tips to be helpful:

  • Practice getting used to the board and getting your balance in shallow water
  • Most surfing locations are best for intermediate to advanced skills in Maldives
  • There is a range of monsoon seasons in which the top spots shift for surfing
  • You don’t have to stay at a luxury resort in Maldives like Six Senses Laamu to get to surf
  • If you’re not at an intermediate level, try a surf school or camp to get familiar
  • The wind can make all the difference in the swell and break details for surfers
  • April to June is the top season

Get Your Surf on at the Best Maldives Atoll

Whether you want to stick around Male, head south for your trip, or stay on the best island with surf access, Maldives brings you plenty of options. Surfing in Maldives is like second nature to many people. Find the perfect breaks, reach the swell, know the wind effects, and plan your trip to surf the breakaway.

Breaks, swell, reef details, and the wind are what make surfing worth it. You can hit an amazing break or swell in so many different areas, many of which we’ve shared in this guide.

Where do you want to catch the windbreak and get your surf on?

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Is the Maldives Good for Surfing?

Absolutely! Catch the wind, ride the waves, and find your perfect break along the reef. There are some world-class locations to enjoy.

Can Beginners Surf in Maldives?

Beginner surfers can get in on the waves, but it does take caution. As a beginner, using a guide is recommended. The waves are primarily rated for intermediate to advanced levels thanks to the wind and tide.

What Does it Cost to Surf in Maldives?

You can surf from Malé to the south at very low costs. You can take a Malé charter or a resort charter, and these typically cost more. Most of the time, surfing is included in your resort costs, but schools and camps may charge

Where is the Best Place to Surf in Maldives?

The best place isn’t necessarily an island, a reef, or just north or south, but rather where the waves stand out. Some of the best waves are Chickens, Cokes, Jailbreaks, LOHIS, and more.

When is the Best Time to Surf in Maldives?

The surfing high season ranges from March to October. Across the island country, from Malé to the very south island, April to June is the busiest of surfing seasons.