The Top Maldives Dive Resorts for Scuba Diving and More!

Do you love the Maldives? Do you love scuba diving? There are a number of Maldives dive resorts that bring you the best of both of these favorites so you can enjoy a luxurious paradise stay paired with diving activities at your island resort.

The diving resorts in the Maldives are exquisite, and each of them is unique, with its own dive sites, marine life, and private island experiences. There are many dive sites that aren’t tied to resorts in Maldives, but there are also many Maldives diving resorts that bring you the best Maldives diving that you will find.

We’ve put together a list of the best Maldives scuba diving resorts so that you can plan your excursions and explore all that the ocean has to offer. Some inclusive resorts even offer dives as part of their vacation package.

Keep reading to learn the best place to dive in Maldives and more!

The Top Diving Resorts in the Maldives

There are a number of resorts in the Maldives that offer scuba diving, snorkeling, and other similar water activities. Below, we detail the best dive resorts with complete reviews, so you know what your top options are before you settle on a Maldives Resort to dive at.

Take a look at these top Maldives dive resorts:

  1. Oblu Nature Helengeli
  2. Mirihi Resort
  3. Fuvahmulah Dive Residence
  4. Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Island Resort
  5. Vilamendhoo Island Resort
  6. Komandoo
  7. Milaidhoo
  8. Aveyla Manta Village

1. Oblu Nature Helengeli Resort of North Male Atoll

Oblu dive resort in Maldives

One of the Maldives most well-known locations is Oblu, where they have an awesome dive center and resort for guests to take advantage of in the North Male atoll. This resort in the Maldives isn’t too far from the Male international airport.

Most people can reach it by speedboat, and it’s a quick journey. With the resort’s proximity to the capital Male, it’s a top choice, and they have awesome facilities for snorkeling, dives, and more.

This resort has set up its access to be one of the premier underwater locations in the sea. If you’re going scuba diving in Maldives, you will certainly want to look at what they have to offer. Many people who travel specifically for a snorkeling trip or dives look up this center.

Oblu is an all-inclusive luxury spot surrounded by coral reefs, gorgeous islands, and an underwater lagoon that has all of the best views. Head to their dive center, go out on the boats, see the house reef, and more. The marine life you might see nearby includes turtles, hammerheads, tropical fish, manta rays, and so much more!

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2. Mirihi of South Ari Atoll

Diver at dive resort in Maldives

If you’re looking for the best diving in the Maldives in the South Ari Atoll, this one’s for you. This sweet Maldives diving resort in Ari atoll provides incredible ocean excursions for everyone. They are most known for the shark and manta population in the area, giving divers plenty of sea and lagoon to explore and access. The ocean is magnificent here.

Their facilities provide diving education and explanation so you can go snorkeling, head out on dives, and be at the right spot for your experience level. Stay in a luxury villa by night, hang out at the beach or the spa, and guests can utilize the dive center in the Ari atoll to make the most of their inclusive adventure.

The Ari atoll house reef here is one of the best. The island is small, with a very nice beach. Thanks to the small location, it means guests are overrun with high levels of tourism that make it hard to enjoy. However, you will want to book ahead to make sure you can get a night or two here and see the underwater life of Ari Atoll.

3. Fuvahmulah Dive School – Zero Degree Residence

Fuvahmulah Dive resort

If you’re looking for the best Maldives island for diving that also offers a dive school and center, Fuvahmulah dive school is a great choice. They have a variety of Maldives dive packages, plus having the school center on site is a major win if you haven’t been snorkeling or diving before.

Explore the nearby reefs, access the underwater marine life, piddle around the islands, and take in every part of the ocean and facilities available to you. They allow snorkeling in the lagoon, or you can head out with the boats for dives if you are more experienced. The shark life even comes close to the islands and the coral reefs because they’ve always found food here.

Some of the shark life you will see on this trip include hammerheads, whale sharks, tiger sharks, thresher sharks, and reef sharks. This center is known for having some of the most prominent encounters in the world, thanks to these impressive predators. Can you really outdo the tiger shark from a safe distance?

The best dive resorts residence is also very nice, with exquisite surroundings and awesome customer service.

4. Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, Raa Atoll

Diving at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

When it comes to dive resorts, this island resort has luxury water villas, a very nice dive center, and the perfect private island experience. Your water villa in Maldives will be absolutely stunning at this South Male Atoll resort. It’s one of the Maldives most esteemed locations in the Indian Ocean.

The dive center at this island resort is operated by Dive Point, which works with diving and snorkeling excursions. You can use the dive school there to learn the basics before you head out. They offer world-class facilities and some of the best diving equipment around, and the resort will even provide photography sessions with their diving options.

The expansive house reef is packed with color. The tropical fish make up the majority of the sites, but you might also see a shark or two or a manta ray. The most common sharks here are the whale shark and the reef shark. The dive resort is all about luxury accommodations, so enjoy a fantastic dive, explore the white sand beaches, and bask in the water villas for rest and relaxation.

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5. Vilamendhoo Island Resort, South Ari Atoll

Vilamendhoo Island Resort Divers

Located in the South Ari Atoll, Vilamendhoo Island Resort is another classic dive resort. It’s not too far from the Male International Airport, making it easy to get to the island and dive to your heart’s content. Choose from stunning beach villas on the white sand or stay in a water villa if you prefer at this luxury five-star resort in Maldives.

The luxury resort offers a private beach, swimming pool at the villas, colorful house reefs, room service, and world-class diving that will make divers feel like a part of the sea. Here, you get great value thanks to the luxury room and the focus on scuba that divers absolutely love.

This spot is known for whale shark sightings and manta rays seen the most often. It’s also a nice choice if you’re looking for a family-friendly resort that caters to divers. They partner with PADI 5-star centers, much like other resorts do.

Prepare for one of the best dive resorts with luxury in mind.

6. Komandoo of Lhaviyani Atoll

Komandoo resort diving activity

Komandoo of Lhaviyani Atoll is one of the best dive resorts. Lhaviyani Atoll is one of the lesser-known atolls in Maldives, but it’s no less spectacular. Komandoo is a private island resort that is designed for adults only.

They have a stunning house reef and can provide you access to more than 50 dive sites without ever really straying too far from the resort.

The Maldives resort itself is more laid back and casual. While it’s a luxury resort, they aren’t so focused on water villas and excessive accommodations. They focus more on diving with dive sites and a nice dive center too. That doesn’t mean the rooms aren’t luxurious, either. You see a great mix of focus on both dive sites and accommodations.

This is one of the top dive locations for house reef views and returners. Thanks to their multiple sites, you could never get bored exploring here. Take in the white sand of the island and dive into the depths of the atoll with manta rays, sharks, and more beneath the surface. Divers get to experience it all!

7. Milaidhoo Resort in Baa Atoll

Milaidhoo Resort in Baa Atoll

Divers that want the best of private rooms, spa activities, stunning sites, and awesome diving should visit Milaidhoo in Baa Atoll. Guests can spend the night in stunning villas, including beach villas. It’s yet another of the best dive resorts in the Maldives, and there are many things to enjoy here. This diving resort is described as polished and impressive in every sense of the word.

The atoll has a lot of great diving spots, and the luxury resort really makes the entire trip a success. This atoll island resort is said to be one of the best lifetime experiences for divers to visit and take in. The nearby Hanifaru Bay has whale sharks and manta rays on nearly every dive. There are times you might also see some thresher sharks or tiger sharks, but they are generally scarce in this atoll.

World-class diving is just one aspect of the resort. Their five-star accommodations also make them stand out. The resort offers a variety of packages and prices so that anyone can enjoy the enchantment around them. Divers can choose several options, including a private night dive in some cases.

8. Aveyla Manta Village, Baa Atoll

Aveyla Manta Village divers

The Aveyla Manta Village in Baa Atoll is closely connected to the Padi 5-star dive center, as well as the UNESCO marine biosphere reserve nearby. With the combination of the two, divers can experience phenomenal value in diving and seeing other sights. Of course, guests can also take advantage of the beach, spa, restaurants, and more. They have a hotel or villas to choose your rooms from as well.

This will be a bit of a different experience for guests because it’s not set up the same as your typical 5-star resorts are. But it’s no less amazing still. When you factor in the PADI 5-star center, you really can’t beat it. PADI 5-star centers are known for their guarantee, professionalism, and professional facilities.

There are several PADI 5-star locations throughout Maldives, but this is probably one of the top PADI expeditions. From scuba diving with local shark life (not tiger shark) to seeing all sorts of fish, it truly is a 5-star experience, and you don’t have to worry about the luxury price that is tagged on to so many other resorts in the Maldives.

Tips to Choose Diving Resorts in the Maldives

Diving resorts in Maldives

We’ve shared some really awesome resorts in the Maldives, from affordable price tags to all-out luxury. What you choose is completely up to you, but these options are the top choices in Maldives.

As you peruse your options and choose the ideas that appeal to you the most, consider these tips to help you really narrow it down.


Most of the time, you book a Maldives trip at a resort or hotel that will offer almost everything you need for your stay. You can stay in a hotel and then use a diving company to enjoy some dives, or you can book a resort that is already set up for divers.

What types of accommodations do you want while you’re in the Maldives? Do you want to stay in a hotel and go out to enjoy adventures on your own, or would you prefer an all-inclusive resort in Maldives that has gorgeous villas plus all of the best activities and amenities?

Dive School and Education

If you’ve never been diving before, or you’re just not that experienced, heading to a Maldives location with a dive school might be the best choice. Every atoll has some spots like these with diving centers that are designed to give you the best experience.

Diving is not always simple, and there are a lot of things to learn to keep you safe. Beginners can dive, although their depth is more limited. But just because you haven’t ever dived before doesn’t mean you can’t leave the island. If you’re nervous, start with some shallow diving or snorkeling close to the island and then build from there.

Divers of all levels come to the Maldives to enjoy marine life and the ocean. Divers should make sure they have proper training so guests can visit the school even if they have dived before.

Maldives Diving Packages

You may want to visit a Maldives location that is going to offer packages. You can check any resort’s website to see what they have to offer in this realm. In most cases, a package will include a specific night stay in the rooms, access to the spa and beach, food and activities, nightlife, and water sports like marine diving.

All of the islands are different, and what they offer at the center of the package level will also be different. Remember to check the website for specifics so you can plan your coral or underwater exploration alongside your rooms and other plans.

Island Experience

As you’re planning your trip, consider what type of island experience you want to have. This will help define your choices. Perhaps you want a beach house, rather than rooms over the water. Some people prefer to stay in hotel rooms so they can spend money elsewhere on their experience. Looking for a house reef is a good choice as a house reef means plenty of water life to see.

It’s completely up to you!

Experience the Underwater World of Maldives

Underwater world Maldives

The best Maldives resorts will ensure you have a phenomenal stay, while also making sure you have access to some of the best diving in the country. There are so many awesome locations to consider, so choose what appeals to you and start planning!

Have you ever been diving before?

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Maldives Dive Resorts on Map


Which Part of Maldives is Best for Diving?

There are several really great house reefs and island locations that provide exemplary diving throughout the entire country. It’s too hard to pick just one!

When Should You Dive in Maldives?

You can generally dive any time of year, however, August to November are the peak seasons for seeing the top sights.

How Much Does it Cost to Dive in the Maldives?

It varies from island to island and in different locations. Plan for anywhere from $70-$90 per person.

Is Scuba Diving in the Maldives Worth It?

Absolutely! There is so much to see.

Can Beginners Dive at Maldives?

Yes! There are some rules and limitations, but they are welcome to dive.

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