The Best Maldives Hotels for Your Stay – Top 6

While staying at some of the top-notch resorts and overwater villas is a spectacular option, that simply doesn’t work for everyone. The good news is that you don’t have to stay at a private resort to enjoy a really awesome trip to Maldives. You can stay at one of the top Maldives hotels instead!

Staying at hotels in Maldives will certainly not sacrifice luxury during your stay. Some of the private island resort locations have hotels on-site, but there are several other Maldives hotel solutions throughout the Indian Ocean as well.

We’ve done some searching to help you find the best place to stay in Maldives at a hotel. Whether you’re hoping for a beach hotel or just want a 5-star hotel stay, we’ve got you covered here!

Read on below to find out your best options.

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The Best Hotels in Maldives

It’s a common misconception that your only worthwhile stay in the Maldives is at an island resort. While those resort & spa options are totally incredible, there are other options in Maldives as well.

Take a look at some of these very nice Maldives resort hotel options to consider:

  1. Kaani Palm Beach in South Ari Atoll
  2. Arena Beach Hotel at Maafushi
  3. Triton Beach Hotel & Spa
  4. Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
  5. Samann Grand
  6. Amber Beach Hotel

1. Kaani Palm Beach in South Ari Atoll

Kaani Palm Beach hotel in Maldives

First up on Maldives luxury hotels is this really great option. It falls among Maldives best hotels for many different reasons, the most of which is the inviting atmosphere and the luxurious room.

It’s great even for family accommodation because availability is easier to find. You can get 1 room, a suite, or even more than one inclusive location for pretty great value here. This popular Maldives hotel is a first-class location that is just a quick transfer from the Male international airport.

Any traveler can enjoy their visit at these facilities. The restaurant serves breakfast and has a bar and nearby restaurants for guests to take advantage of. The prices are incredibly reasonable for an excellent location.

Just about every room can look outside at the sea and the white sand beaches of the islands. You are close to plenty of food and nightlife too.

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Maldives hotel infinity pool

This particular hotel is known for its exceptional infinity pool and service. The pool is said to be the tallest infinity pool in Maldives. It’s pretty amazing.

2. Arena Beach 4-Star Hotel Maafushi

Arena Beach hotel in Maldives

Another of the best hotels at Maldives is this sleek and snazzy structure. The Arena Beach hotel in the Maldives has plenty of space and really great amenities too. This is located on Maafushi in Maldives and is rated 4.5 stars on the scale.

You could easily have an enjoyable stay here with access to the nearby reef, restaurants, bar, or anywhere on the map you want to visit.

This hotel has room choices of every kind, and they are at a reasonable price per night. You have access to free breakfast and excellent service your entire stay.

You can choose from different types of rooms, just like most resorts. The biggest difference is your villa isn’t hanging out directly above the ocean in comparison. But you still have a spa, pool, food, and so much more for guests to enjoy.

These are the room types here, and they are all private in nature:

  • Super Deluxe Sea View Rooms (the top floors with the best views and an open deck to the water)
  • Grand Deluxe Sea View Rooms (balconies with excellent views)
  • Standard Deluxe Room (comfortable and spacious, but no deck, and limited view)

This allows you to choose what works for your price-per-night budget. You’re not really far from the International airport in Maldives, and can get to your hotel from Male pretty quickly.

3. Luxury Hotels in Maldives: Triton Beach

Luxury Hotels in Maldives

Another of Maldives top hotels that aren’t part of massive resorts is the Triton Beach Hotel & Spa. This falls among the best hotels of Maldives for its unique structure and design, as well as the exceptional service. It’s a popular spot for travelers because it’s friendly, clean, and has great dining nearby.

Your search is over if you’re looking for a world-class location with plenty of stars in their rating and the feel of luxury at your fingertips. Your stay will be divine if you can find good availability. The staff is phenomenal, and you have access to a house reef nearby for your excursions too.

This is almost as good as an inclusive resort for any guest. You can visit nearby hot spots on the map, treat yourself to a romantic dinner at popular restaurants, and see friendly people all around you during your stay at this sweet inn. It’s rated almost five stars by guests who have stayed in the past.

Head outside to hang out in the sand, by the pool, or to visit the sites of Male. Did we mention the world-class spa? Based on reviews, it’s an excellent spot for adults dates, and just a relaxing retreat.

4. Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

When you take a look at this 5-star resort, you will certainly notice that they have water villas, or house-style accommodations to choose from for your trip. But what most people don’t realize is that this resort offers availability for every type of traveler, and that includes one of the 5-star Maldives hotels right there on the island.

Yes, this is a resort, but the resort is a popular place for a 5-star hotel stay as well. They have hotel rooms in Maldives that are almost incomparable to any other hotel location. That’s because you get the thrill of an island ocean stay, while spending a little bit less in a hotel room.

The hotel is popular because you still get private balconies, waterfall showers, and gorgeous ocean views too. The availability does vary, but any traveler will find that this is a high-class place to visit in so many ways.

The staff is excellent, and the prices really aren’t bad. Since you’re on the island, you can hang out at the pool, try out the spa, or just travel about the islands. It’s a quick speedboat transfer from the airport to visit these islands, and that’s free for guests.

They have excellent restaurant choices, plenty of excursions, and private beaches on the private island. Marine life in the Indian Ocean is phenomenal here. This resort & spa hotel has a lot of island to offer, and you don’t have to stay in water villas to enjoy it either.

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5. Samann Grand Luxury Maldives Hotels

Hotel room in Maldives

When it comes to the Maldives best hotel options, don’t overlook the class Smann Grand. While it’s not as highly rated on stars as some of them, it’s still over four stars, which is great. The hotel prices in Maldives are not so bad here, and you won’t have to travel to another island to get to your stay.

This popular hotel stay in Maldives is located in Male, so you get to stay on the island that you come to from the airport. These hotels are high-class, and give you easy accessibility to marine life, beach life, nightlife, and just about anything you want to enjoy on the island.

Based on reviews, you can expect roomy and luxurious vibes at this 4-star hotel. The price is reasonable per night. They do have a spa located in the hotel so that a guest can boost their visit with a massage or some other treatment.

Your stay in Maldives will be relaxed and enjoyable at this hotel resort & spa. Not only do the hotels have great staff, but you are on the main island, so you can do just about anything you want to while you’re in Maldives.

Here you can find some ideas of things to do in Maldives.

6. Amber Beach 5-Star Hotel Maldives

Amber Beach hotel in Maldives

Another of the 5-star hotels in Maldives is this Maldives resort hotel. It’s on Hulhumale Island, so not overloaded with a bunch of other hotels nearby. The reviews say that it is simple, clean, and absolutely luxurious as well. Your stay in Maldives will be great at this hotel!

The rooms here are designed to mimic what you might experience in water villas, which is why it has that 5-star hotel rating, possibly. In the Baa Atoll, you can spend the night doing some star gazing for free or enjoy the other activities around the islands.

The prices are not bad at all for most dates, and each guest will be located in a room that has privacy as well as some sort of view. The guest-based service allows every traveler to feel right at home with what they get for their prices and find plenty of dates in your search to travel just about any time.

Availability of dates can obviously vary, but with the most popular choices being villas, your availability likelihood increases with a cute high-class inn like this one. These Maldives island hotels offer nearly all the same amenities for much lower prices.

How to Choose the Best Hotel in Maldives

Best hotel in Maldives

When you’re looking for a 4-5 star hotel for your stay in Maldives, there are certainly some great options. That star hotel rating says quite a bit, but you can also find a lot of information based on reviews, and maybe even the per night price that is listed too.

Your 4-5 star hotel choices may be a higher price than some, but they will definitely have a lower price than top luxury resorts in Maldives or locations with water villas, and similar stays. These can be just as popular.

Take a look at these simple tips to choose from the best hotels in the Maldives.

Type of Hotel Rooms in Maldives

One thing you will want to keep in mind about your stay in Maldives is the types of rooms you can choose from. When you look at a 4 or 5-star hotel, you will find that most of these Maldives locations have ocean views or balconies.

You will also find that some have rooms with a limited view or perhaps no deck. Those options can still fall into the 4-star hotel range, but you will want to watch your room types when you book.


Each guest is going to have a budget or be looking for certain prices. This is going to be based on your needs. Most hotels have plenty of free amenities, but make sure to check out those details. The prices in Maldives should be whatever works for you.

Again, if you’re looking at Maldives 5-star resorts, they will likely have higher prices. They might also have far lower availability overall.

Guest Based Reviews

It can be hard to pull out the top star locations in Maldives from some of the not-so-great options. Your value will likely depend on your preferences. However, a great way to find out more about your search is to look at reviews that are based on what verified guests have to say.

Availability of Dates & Where It’s Located on the Map

Finally, some other details that every traveler considers are whether or not there will be availability for the dates they have in mind and where that hotel is located on the map of Maldives. If you have flexible dates, sometimes this can be helpful.

Plan your stay in Maldives using the tools that work for you, as well as whether it is a reputable star hotel.

What types of things do you look for in a hotel?

If you are looking for more budget-friendly options, please check out our article: Cheap resorts in Maldives

Maldives Hotels on Map


Can You Find 5-Star Hotel Options in Maldives?

Absolutely! There are some phenomenal 4 and 5-star hotel choices throughout the atoll areas.

Are There Hotels that Aren’t Big Resorts in Maldives?

There sure are! There are traditional hotels to choose from. You can also find big resorts that have hotels on their island.

Do You Have to Stay in a Villa When You Go to Maldives?

While villa choices are the most popular options, the prices can be pretty high. You don’t have to stay in a villa or even at a beach resort if you don’t want to.

Are the Prices of Maldives Worth It?

The Maldives is a trip of a lifetime! While the prices can certainly add up, you can find affordable choices too. The prices are worth every penny spent.

What Can You Do for Free in Maldives?

You will find there are plenty of activities that are free, or have low prices attached. It costs nothing to go to the beaches, or walk around the area. Of course, you might be able to find package prices for some activities too. The excursions are not that high compared to the prices of the stay.

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