Taking Steps Towards Maldives Sustainability

We know of Maldives as a tourist destination and a location where people will spend a lot of money to come see. But with their lowest lying elevation and the rising sea levels, Maldives is at risk, much like other countries out there. This is why Maldives sustainability should be front and center for any of the resorts in the Maldives, and the people who visit the country.

You will notice across the board that Maldives cares greatly about three things:

  • Marine life
  • Sustainability
  • Tourist life and experience

These are hot topics all year long, and local communities and resorts go to great lengths to protect Maldives, and the coral reefs. Marine conservation efforts are a big part of life here and something everyone who travels to Maldives should be aware of.

Check out the details below to learn more about the practices in place and even what guests can do to contribute to the overall cause for sustainability in Maldives.

Taking Steps to Protect Coral Reefs and Marine Life

Coral reef in Maldives

From the resorts to the local communities, taking steps to protect the Maldives requires everyone’s cooperation. There are marine biologist professionals who carefully track and maintain things like low-lying country spaces on the islands, climate change, and even environmental aspects from the Indian Ocean to each resort island.

Many groups go to great lengths to conserve energy, reduce waste, and make life in this part of the world sustainable for guests, Maldivian people, and the natural life as well.

Here are some things that are common for implementing across the industry:

  • Multiple eco-friendly Maldives resorts
  • Reduced pollution and emissions through processes
  • Partnerships with area providers
  • Planting food and garden spaces to provide for resorts and Maldives restaurants
  • Laws that protect the coral reefs
  • Organic implementation projects
  • Recycling practices with the management of waste
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Reducing or eliminating the use of plastic

In addition to these initiatives that will be prominent throughout Maldivian locations, there are plenty of ways to give back as well.

Some of the reserve and conservation centers are closely tied to marine life and protecting the coral reefs. You will see that many luxury resorts are in partnership with these vast initiatives as well.

And if you’re interested, you could be too. Here’s a great example.

Companies like Reefscapers allow you to sponsor a coral reef frame, which allows the coral reefs to thrive in their environment. This is all about conservation, and you can be involved from afar throughout the entire process.

Our coral frame in Maldives

Check out our site’s sponsored frame through this link. Use code LG4975 to see the progress on this coral reef frame. It’s incredible to watch!

We planted the first one on 18th of September 2022 and as our site grows, we hope to plant many more in the future.

How Resorts in the Maldives Aid in Sustainability

Six Senses Laamu Sustainability
Picture: Six Senses Laamu

Since the Maldivian way of life is heavily reliant on tourism from around the world, it’s absolutely essential that guests be made aware of resort practices. However, it’s also important for the different resort locations to take their own stance.

You will find there are several facilities that actively make life at the resort sustainable in many different ways. From creating their own garden to eliminating plastic and even carefully conserving energy to reduce carbon emissions, it all makes a difference.

These are some of the top resorts that make huge sustainability efforts on their island in Maldives:

  1. Six Senses Laamu (award-winning sustainable practices)
  2. Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu Island Resort
  3. Amilla Maldives Island Resort
  4. Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani Resorts
  5. Baros Maldives
  6. LUX South Ari Atoll
  7. Gili Lankanfushi Island Resort
  8. Sun Siyam Resorts

These are just a few of the more noteworthy resorts with obvious practices in place. It doesn’t mean that others don’t also care about sustainability and take actions to protect the coral reef as well as marine life.

The new development also has to take into consideration the environment of the country, and the government is cautious about promoting the importance of sustainable development and practices.

Compared to other tourism hotspots around the world, the islands of Maldives are some of the best in terms of caring for their environment.

Setting Sustainable Expectations

While some resort locations in the Maldivian country go above and beyond to protect their ocean and way of life, there is also a minimum expectation that should be considered.

So what is the minimum set out that you should expect across the islands?

These are the basics for Maldives sustainable development goals that are used at Maldives eco resorts and across the board. To be fair, there are still resorts not even hitting these minimals in any capacity, and therefore not looking to protect the Maldives ecosystem.

  • Banned single-use plastic water bottles
  • Banned single-use plastic straws
  • Gray water recycling for irrigation
  • Refillable glass water bottles
  • Refillable toiletries
  • More organic products
  • Use of local fishermen and garden spaces

Maldives has banned the import of these product since 1st of June 2021:

  • Single-use plastic-based drinking straw
  • Single-use plastic-based plates, cutleries and stirrers
  • Plastic shopping bags below 30×30 cm
  • Imported sweet areca nuts in plastic wrapping
  • Single-use plastic drinking cups below 250ml
  • Cotton bud with plastic stems
  • Shampoo, soap, conditioner and lotion bottles in plastic packaging that are 50 ml and below
  • All imported water packed in plastic bottles below 500 ml

Source: Maldives Ministry of Environment

At a Maldives eco resort, you will see much of this, which is designed to reduce the threat of environmental problems in the Maldives. Even doing minor things can have a major impact on the biggest Maldives environmental concerns.

The economic system and education of every initiative to guests is what will bring not only sustainable future concepts but even the restoration of some life too.

The smallest steps can achieve positive results for the economy on a large scale. Research shows this to be true.

Some resorts, like Six Senses Laamu, even have their own private facility for bottling glass bottles with their own purified water. For cooking, they promote the use of fresh ingredients, and they take on the responsibility of their own garden and foraging to provide for their menu.

The country’s efforts require everyone to chip in to provide support to projects, the climate, global sustainability, and underwater projects throughout the region.

How Can a Guest Support the Sustainable Community?

As a guest, it’s a good idea to come to this community educated and aware. Your facility likely goes to great lengths in leading these efforts, so support the group, whatever that may be.

Everything from renewable energy, fresh food, protecting the sea or ocean, and limiting or eliminating the use of plastic at a luxury resort, could save in a million different ways.

You are a guest in this country’s house, so do your part by eliminating waste, reducing the use of energy where possible, and following local tourism guidelines. Pay attention to what the resort has in place, and guests should stay in tune with these initiatives.

The islands and the ocean all over the world, and especially in Maldives, depend on guests like you to do your part.

You can ask the resort you are staying in what you can do to help, and they will definitely guide you to the right direction.

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What Does the Future Hold for Maldives Sustainability?

Maldives sustainability future

As more resorts are developed, and the level of tourism to Maldives continues to grow, the number of steps needed to conserve fuel, energy, and other resources will continue to rise. Many business companies with resorts are already on a path to success, but more recently, the discovery of some that aren’t really even trying continues to have an impact.

On a global scale, research shows that travel has a huge impact, so to appreciate Maldives sustainable tourism, the resorts that aren’t making efforts now will need to step up their game to do so.

Meanwhile, we can continue to support the different renewable group establishments that are in place, and follow the process of sustainable management for the better.

Sustainability Matters All Over the World

While Maldives sustainability is absolutely one of our priorities, understanding the development of practices and processes to help reduce or eliminate waste is imperative in every region.

In Maldives, we see leaders like Six Senses Laamu private resort, Soneva Fushi and Jani, and so many others that have taken the initiative to protect underwater life, as well as the livelihood that surrounds them every day.

When you travel, consider the sustainable difference and how you or your group can make a difference in even the smallest ways during your stay.

Also, learn more about the Maldives nature and Maldives wildlife.


How is the Maldives Being Sustainable?

The government does have rules in place to prevent waste and protect the sea. This includes limited water usage and Maldives carbon-neutral practices. However, it’s primarily left up to the various locations to provide standards.

What is Sustainable Development in Maldives?

Development that uses natural resources above manmade resources falls into this category. You would be surprised how many locations strive to do this.

How Does Tourism Affect the Environment in the Maldives?

The biggest effect comes from the fuel used for flights, which is why there are certain schedules and practices for flights to help. And of course the added waste to this region. Otherwise, it all depends on what is or is not done at your location.

Is Maldives an Eco-Tourism Country?

Maldives certainly has taken a step above most countries across the globe in this regard. With the practices in place in the majority of locations, they have a long time of thriving tourism ahead of them.

Are All Maldives Hotels Required to Follow Eco-Friendly Practices?

There are certain requirements across the board, but they are not required to go above and beyond. Some locations do the bare minimum, while others do everything they can to provide for the future of Maldives.

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