The Best Maldives Adults-Only Resorts for a Kid-Free Vacation

Kids can be really great, but there are times that adults like to get away and not have to worry about hearing young ones crying or screaming. It’s not anything against children in most cases, but it’s simply nice to relax and not worry about any children around you. The best place to make that happen is at one of the Maldives adults-only resorts in the Indian Ocean.

Whether you want to keep it simple and relaxed, or you want a resort where you can party and live it up, there are a lot of great adults-only Maldives resort options.

We’ve narrowed it down to help you find the very best, so keep reading to learn more about them!

The Top Reasons to Consider a Maldives Adults-Only Resort

The Maldives is meant to be a paradise, an escape, if you will. It can make an amazing place for families and children of all ages. It can also make an awesome experience for people who want to escape the kid or family life, or couples who just want an unforgettable experience.

There are several reasons why couples-only resorts or adult-only resorts might be right for you.

Here are a few occasions when to choose adults-only resorts in Maldives:

  • Honeymooners
  • Not sharing the pools
  • Romantic restaurants
  • Limited guests
  • Quiet relaxation
  • More water sports
  • More bars or party lifestyle
  • Uninterrupted activities without children

Let’s face it, coming to any of the resorts in the Maldives can be an expensive vacation. While money isn’t an issue for some people, there are times that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Being able to enjoy it without kids underfoot might just make a substantial difference in some cases.

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The Best Resorts in the Maldives that are Adult Only

There are many different details to consider when you’re trying to figure out the best adults-only resorts in Maldives. Things like what you want to experience, what type of accommodations you prefer, and possibly even the budget will all make a difference on where you stay.

You will find a variety of packages, location choices, and amazing destination options with luxurious suites. We’ve narrowed down the playing field and located some of the top luxury locations for adults and couples of any age to have a great time free of kids.

Here is a sneak peek at our list of top Maldives adults-only resorts:

  1. Centara Ras Fushi
  2. Komandoo Maldives Island Resort
  3. Anantara Veli Resort in the Maldives
  4. Robinson Maldives Island Resort and Spa
  5. Hurawalhi Boutique Resort
  6. Kuredu Island Villas
  7. Meeru Island Villas and Spa
  8. Conrad Maldives Rangali 5 Star Resort

See more about each of these below!

1. Centara Ras Fushi Water Villas and More

Adults-Only Centara Ras Fushi

If you’re looking for a classic adults-only Maldives water villa that is near the Male airport, this might just be your winner. They have only 140 suites for guests.

The luxury lodging features several beach villas and a select number of stilted overwater bungalows to choose from. Their prices aren’t bad, but you enjoy every drop of paradise while you’re here. If your focus is snorkeling or the house reef, you will find those here, but this location isn’t necessarily known for those things.

You can experience luxury services like spa treatments, as well as very nice restaurants or even the guest buffet if you prefer. They have a half board as well as all-inclusive packages to choose from, so you can choose the service that works for your retreat!

This is a true adults-only resort.

2. Komandoo Maldives Private Island Resort

Maldives adults-only private island

When it comes to hotels in Maldives, you won’t find any other like Komandoo. It’s a bit of a jog from the Male airport, but it’s a gorgeous private island with access to the underwater restaurant as well. Because of its distance, you can often find some great deals at this Maldives all-inclusive adults-only location.

Each of the water villas has their own infinity swimming pool attached. You also have ultimate privacy at this adults-only resort in Maldives thanks to the design of each of the beach villas. It’s a small, quaint Maldives resort with exclusive access thanks to having only a total of 45 suites at the resort.

On a side note, you will find absolutely no guests under 18 at this Maldivian location. It is the exclusive guaranteed Maldives adults-only all-inclusive resort, and the first one to create a stated policy actually banning children or anyone under the age of 18 on the property.

If honeymooners want the utmost privacy and a guarantee of no young children anywhere on resort property, couples can find it at Komandoo.

This is a true adults-only resort.

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3. Anantara Veli Resort

Adults-only resort in Maldives

Next up on our journey through the best all-inclusive resorts in Maldives for couples is Anantara Veli. The resort is for couples or adults only.

It’s the perfect place for romance with features like romantic cuisine and dining areas, perfect sunset views, and even champagne in your room. You can go to the gym if that appeals to you, or simply have the trip you dream about with luxurious restaurants, exciting activities, and a paradise destination.

The spa located at the resort is phenomenal, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as snorkeling, diving, hanging around the ocean, experiencing Maldivian cuisine and culture, or relaxing in the jacuzzi. They have several overwater villa options, as well as some on the beach too.

The private but inclusive property is located on Meedhupparu Island, where you can enjoy water sports, spacious rooms, a spa, and anything else the resort offers that appeals to you.

This is a true adults-only resort.

4. Robinson Maldives Island Resort and Spa

Robinson resort in Maldives

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the designs of the Swiss Family Robinson, this island resort took some inspiration from their design. Yet, you will still have all of the luxuries that you expect on a private island resort.

The house reef is perfect for snorkeling and other adventures. You will feel right at home on this private island, and it’s not too far from the Male airport. The water villas have a modern concept and are perfect for couples looking for a quiet, relaxing getaway.

Much like the fan favorite Veligandu Island Resort, you’re surrounded by clear blue waters and gorgeous, white sandy beaches. They have a Body & Mind course that many guests like to enjoy, but it’s certainly not required.

Here, it’s all about an intriguing romantic getaway. They even offer weddings so that you can enjoy a wedding and an island honeymoon all in one spot. Can you imagine the Maldives wedding photos from a location like this?

There are plenty of different rooms to choose from, and they are open and available in every season. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the vibes, location, and the amenities that the resort has to offer.

This is a true adults-only resort.

5. Hurawalhi Adults Only Maldives All-Inclusive

Romantic Hurawalhi Island Resort

If you’re thinking of a sunset cruise, or simply want a boutique resort near Male, this resort offers all of that and more. Enjoy warm jacuzzi water at your water villa, or simply giddy up to the three bars located around the resort.

This is one of the oldest resort locations, and while they thrive on all-inclusive packages, you can go for half-board options if you prefer. It’s near Male and the Ari Atoll, giving you close access to a 5-star resort and spa.

The water villa options have Wi-Fi for guests, and you can simply enjoy your own pool, lounging hammock over the water, or hanging out together. Your villas will take you straight to the water. They also have a games room where guests can come together if they want to.

Head on over to the spa to get a break from the villas. Their spa is divine, and there are mesmerizing views from the villas to the restaurant, and everywhere in between. Enjoy a nice adult vacation, or a honeymoon at this Maldivian beauty. They are open for any season.

This luxury ocean resort has awesome service, with spacious suites and a dream romance vibe.

This is a true adults-only resort and can also be found on our list of Maldives honeymoon resorts.

6. Kuredu Island Resort and Water Villas

Kuredu Resorts for Adults

Kuredu is not exclusively for adults only, but they still fall into one of the best all-inclusive resort in Maldives for couples, thanks to the adults-only haven side that separates families from adults or couples. This gives you that adults-only vibe as a guest.

They have award-winning contemporary styling with outstanding, luxurious villas and accommodations. With a contemporary feel, you can still take in the Maldivian landscape. The overwater villas give you the perfect ocean view, with a jacuzzi at some of the room locations.

They also have some fine restaurant options and the ability to get champagne in your room when you want it. Enjoy the private islands and the turquoise waters. It might even have one of the best house reefs nearby.

Head on to the beach for a romantic afternoon in the sun, get some honeymoon treatment at the spa, or hang out in your rooms for a relaxing adventure.

These island villas have it all, and it’s perfect for you to just enjoy the island around you.

This resort has an adults-only side.

7. Meeru Island Villas and Spa

Meeru Island Villas

If you want a well-known honeymoon hotspot, Meeru is a great choice. The rooms are private and cozy, and the beach is exquisite. While this resort does allow children and families, they also have a separated adults-only portion at the resort, much like other hotels by area in Maldives.

Meeru is situated on a pretty large island in the middle of the sea. You can stay here any season, and it’s not too far from the airport either. Enjoy diving, spa time, your ensuite jacuzzi, and plenty of other fun things.

The Male atoll is a great place for diving, but they have so much more to offer here as well. Thanks to the space, you don’t even have to share a beach with the children that might be in other rooms clear across the island.

You can experience plenty of romantic experiences, but you also get to see the Maldivian culture surrounding you here. It’s bound to be an experience to remember, with lots of luxury. They strive for excellence in every way for your stay.

The island even has some of its own attractions, like an art museum. They certainly know what they are doing here, and you see that displayed from booking online to the moment you leave the resort behind.

This resort has an adults-only side.

8. Conrad Maldives Rangali 5-Star Resort

Conrad Maldives 5-star resort

While this resort hotel is open to families, you won’t find families all over the place, which is what makes it unique. Located in the south atoll, this Maldivian resort separates the area into different types of people staying. Families are booked in one part of the hotel, while honeymoon and couple or adults bookings have an exclusive section to themselves.

On the adult-only side of the resort, it’s perfect for honeymoon adventures, or just a group of adults that want to spend time without distractions.

This side includes 21 overwater room choices, all with king-sized beds, and plenty of room to lounge about. You can also experience your private pool or head out to the sea for snorkeling, diving, or more.

This resort does have an underwater restaurant that you won’t want to miss. There is also an overwater restaurant that is considered to be quite gourmet.

The Conrad has even been voted the best hotel in the world at least twice in its history. It’s certainly not a cheap hotel, but the rooms and experience are well worth it.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic beach destination or honeymoon rooms, this amazing island spot is the perfect choice. See our list of Maldives romantic resorts if you are particularly looking for a romantic getaway.

This resort has an adults-only side.

Choosing Resorts in the Maldives for Adults

As you sort through the list of resorts in the Maldives, you will likely notice that very few resorts actually have policies that don’t allow children. In fact, Komandoo was the first of the resorts in the Maldives to actually ban anyone under 18 from being on resort property.

Instead, you have to look at how these hotels in Maldives are designed and whether they are kid-friendly. Even though most resorts in the Maldives will allow children, they aren’t necessarily welcoming to them by design.

Any island resort that has a kids club is likely going to have kids at some point.

But the locations that maybe have no public pools or clubs like that are far less likely to have kiddos running around. Many island resorts will also have segregated sites where one part of the island might have villas for families with kids, while another totally separate set of water villas will be for only couples or adults.

At these Maldives locations, even though kids might be on the property, you likely won’t notice them since things are separated.

As you peruse the options, consider some of these details to help make your decision.


RoomsOne of the top preferences in Maldives are water villas. At the same time, there are plenty of outstanding rooms that are not water villas. Do you have a preference?

If you refuse to pay for water villas, look for beach villas that have nice views. Otherwise, the water villas are a stunning experience, and provide the most privacy and luxury in your own small unit.

Most resorts in Maldives go all out on their water villas, and that is often the most popular choice. Those water villas might also be the most expensive choices in Maldives so don’t feel bad if you have to say no to the water villas and settle for a stunning beach villa instead.

Swimming Pool

Breathtaking Villas & ViewsWater villas often have their own swimming pool, but what if yours doesn’t, or you don’t stay in the overwater location? Does your island have a pool, or is this even important to you?

Not every island resort in Maldives offers a pool aside from the bungalows. This is why so many of them are less likely to have kiddos at them as well. If this is something that is very important to your stay in Maldives, you will want to check out those details.

Most people that come to Maldives spend more time exploring the island, visiting the spa, or doing things like diving and snorkeling instead of swimming.

But this is your trip, so it’s up to you!

Dining Options

Private Chef MaldivesEveryone has to eat, even in Maldives. In fact, the cuisine here is delightful. The type of dining in Maldives might vary from hotel to hotel, but you will have some sort of service to ensure you are fed.

You might experience a buffet, romantic dining, or formal Maldives restaurants that you can dine in at your leisure. Some options even have access to a private chef or service in your room for food as well.

Enjoy a feast from the sea and try new foods or cuisines that you likely wouldn’t normally find. No matter what the food setup is like, it’s bound to be delightful.


Maldives resort activitiesAnother thing that might affect your decisions is the activities available to guests. The season that you stay in could potentially affect this, but you want to know that you can participate in the activities that you choose.

For some, this might be diving near a house reef. For others, it might be the spa or lounging in a beach chair. There are no activities that you absolutely have to do, but there are likely some that you are hoping for. Many island resorts have their own house reef to explore, but it’s certainly not guaranteed.

Find out what is on the Maldives island you are visiting, or what is nearby the Maldives island that you can easily access if you want to.

Be sure to check to see what the resort has available. If you need to travel to another resort or atoll, check out airport and transportation details to ensure you can do so without a hitch.

The Perfect Maldives Island Getaway

Your Maldives island adventure is bound to be an experience to remember. These Maldives adults-only resorts are tailored to an island adventure free of children so that you can simply enjoy the peaceful retreat you came for.

Every Maldives island and Maldives resort is different, so find what works for you, and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

It’s time to book your vacation to Maldives now!

Maldives Adults-Only Resorts on Map


What Does Hotel Adults-Only Mean?

This means you are not likely to find anyone under 18, or that people under 18 are actually banned from the location.

What Does Adults-Only All Inclusive Mean?

In Maldives, this means you are at an all-inclusive resort designed for adults. The term all-inclusive refers to everything being included for one bundled price.

Is Kuredu Adult Only?

Yes, Kuredu is a sanctuary designed only for adults.

Is Clothing Optional at Maldives Adults-Only Facilities?

Because Maldives is a Muslim country, clothing will be required, even at your resorts. You will have more flexibility in private areas, but no nudity outside of your villa is allowed.

Can Couples Show PDA in Maldives?

While PDA at your resort is acceptable, it is typically frowned upon anywhere outside of your resort for every type of couple. In public, physical touching should be minimal and modest, but you have plenty of time to enjoy each other in private at your resort.

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