Enjoy the Ultimate Dining Experience in Maldives Underwater Restaurants

If you’re looking for the ultimate dining experience while you’re in Maldives, make sure to add one of these Maldives underwater restaurants to your itinerary. It’s a stunning experience that will stand out to anyone who tries it.

Imagine sitting in a restaurant with clear views and the Indian Ocean surrounding you. You can see all of the marine life while you’re enjoying the luxury of fine dining and delightful service. The private dining experiences grant you a 360-degree view of the sea and everything that it has to offer.

In this guide, we will go through all of the Maldives restaurants underwater and all that they have to offer. Check it out!

Maldives Underwater Restaurant Experiences

You may have heard of the infamous underwater restaurant of Maldives, but did you know that they actually have several underwater restaurants? You won’t find one on every private island or at every resort, but there is more than just one.

They can sometimes be hard to get into, so it may be better to book at a local resort and make reservations ahead of time.

These are the Maldives underwater restaurants:

  1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
  2. 5.8 Undersea Restaurant
  3. Sea Maldives
  4. Subsix Maldives
  5. M6M Glass Undersea Restaurant
  6. H2O Underwater Maldives Restaurant
  7. Only Blu Maldives Underwater Dining

Not only are these some of the finest and most intimate dining experiences, but each of them is an underwater restaurant in Maldives that will give you phenomenal views, a stellar atmosphere, and a wholly luxurious experience in Paradise.

The world’s first underwater restaurant in the Maldives was Ithaa.

1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

The Ithaa undersea restaurant is not only one of the first underwater restaurants in the Maldives, but it is also the world’s first underwater dining experience. This underwater restaurant was the inspiration that brought others to the party. It’s located at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort opened this restaurant in 2005. It’s located a full five meters beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean. This resort is also known for their underwater rooms, which are absolutely magical.

This restaurant sports an arched roof made entirely of glass, so you have a 270-degree view of the marine life and the sea around you. It’s both simple and elegant inside. They serve lunch and dinner.

It’s designed to be private, but as one of the world’s largest underwater restaurant choices, they have room for privacy and family dining experiences too.

2. 5.8 Undersea Restaurant

5.8 Undersea restaurant

While Ithaa was the first and remains one of the greatest icons, 5.8 Undersea Restaurant is now named the world’s largest all-glass choice. This largest all-glass beauty is completely expansive. It’s not just an underwater restaurant experience but also a private and romantic dining experience.

The name stems from being 5.8 meters beneath the sea level of the surface at the Hurawalhi Island Resort. You access the restaurant by wandering down a gorgeous spiral staircase. This is meant to be a fully luxurious experience, and before you enter the restaurant, you even take off your shoes.

This is a spacious restaurant, but they only serve 20 people at a time. They have a total of 10 dining tables spread out. It’s clearly designed for romantic duos and parties of two. They have both lunch and dinner. Lunch is a five-course meal, and dinner is a seven course meal. You won’t be leaving hungry by any means.

Hurawalhi Island Resort is an adults-only resort, so this is an adults-only restaurant in Maldives.

At this glass undersea restaurant, they want to make sure you see turtles, fish, and other marine life, so they drop fish food nearby right before every meal time.

3. Sea at Anantara Kihavah Maldives

Sea restaurant in Maldives

The Maldives Sea restaurant is simple and yet offers a glorious fine dining experience. Located at Anantara Kihavah Maldives, you can enjoy fine dining for lunch and dinner if you want to. The Sea is also well-known for being an underwater wine cellar.

The underwater wine cellar and the Maldives restaurant come together at Anantara Kihavah to make a glamorous experience for every guest. They have several tables and can even seat larger parties here too.

They don’t just have glass walls here but also add mirrored areas to amplify the views of the Indian Ocean. The result is a fully submerged Maldives view in the heart of the Anantara Kihavah resort. The wine cellar is also a stunning Maldives masterpiece.

This restaurant is located more than 6 meters below sea level at the resort. They are open for lunch and dinner. The dinner menus offer more options and even cater to special occasions. Enjoy ocean seafood cuisine, as well as other choices. The view is not a 360-degree panoramic view, but it’s stunning nonetheless.

Their menu has a special selection for children to be able to dine and visit too. Children are not allowed as guests at all of these restaurants, so take note.

4. Subsix Maldives Niyama Private Islands Maldives

Underwater restaurant in Maldives

Subsix is just a short jog away from the Niyama private islands Maldives. This underwater restaurant is incredibly unique inside. It’s just 500 meters from the shore of Niyama private islands, and it’s accessible to anyone willing to take the boat ride. This is a newer underwater restaurant, but it’s still pretty awe-inspiring.

Head down six meters below sea level to visit an abstract setup, fun dining, delicious seafood cuisine, and more at Subsix. Guests of all ages are welcome at Subsix, although you may want to make reservations for dining. They are open for breakfast and dinner.

This underwater restaurant gives guests a classic ocean view. It is not the popular 270-degree panoramic view of the ocean, but still a very clear and enjoyable experience. They’re all about playful efficiency and enjoyment of the ocean at Subsix.

Subsix has a kids’ menu and other options for guests. They also host glow parties two times a week so you can glow six meters beneath the sea and just enjoy dinner, drinks, and the view. It’s a definite vibe that you’re not going to forget about anytime soon.

5. M6M – Minus 6 Meters

Minus Six Meters restaurant

M6M is Minus 6 Meters. This underwater restaurant in Maldives is obviously named such because it’s minus six meters below sea level. It’s one of the deepest restaurants under the sea in Maldives. You can find this place at Ozen Life Maadhoo in South male Atoll.

The location at Ozen Life Maadhoo is unique because this is the first Maldives resort with an underwater restaurant that actually included the underwater restaurant (minus six meters) as part of their all-inclusive package. Most of the others kept it separate or added the option as an add-on later. This one was the first!

Of underwater restaurants in Maldives, this one at Ozen Maadhoo is one of the finest views with a stunning interior. The ceiling is not glass or water, but the wall views let you see paradise under the sea. Watch the turtles swim by, enjoy the comfortable atmosphere, and sip a few cocktails while you’re here.

You’re sure you enjoy this gourmet Maldivian culinary experience, taking in the space and the exotic tropical reef and fish that surround you. The M6M Ozen Maadhoo chef is a world class chef who makes delightful seafood and Maldivian dishes.

Pair your meal at M6M Ozen Life Maadhoo with wines, champagne, bar cocktails, or a simple water. Just sit back, relax in the exotic space, and enjoy the environment around you while you take in culinary delight.

It’s amazing at minus six meters below!

6. H2O Underwater Restaurant

H2O Underwater Restaurant

The H2O underwater restaurant is another one with both walls and ceiling made of glass for a panoramic view. H2O is hosted by chef Andrea Berton, who has won multiple awards and is a Michelin awards winner too. Chef Andrea creates exotic and gourmet meals that are first in class.

The environment of the restaurant is welcoming and warm. They serve wines and other bar drinks as well. The restaurant is known for several Italian dishes since the top awards chef is from Milan. They offer a light a la carte lunch menu, as well as their gourmet dinner with expansive courses.

They are all about the total experience at this location. You can glimpse the coral reef, watch tropical fish, be served champagne from the bar, and bask in the specialized environment around you. It’s a Maldivian experience that is unmatched across other hotels in Maldives.

Their menus are unique. While they do have seafood on the menus, it’s not really the focal point of the cuisine served, which is something that sets this location apart. H2O is found at the You and Me resort. It’s a short boat ride near the coral reef by Cocoon Maldives.

Visit H2O for luxury and a large-course meal to remember.

7. Only Blue Underwater Restaurant

Only Blue Underwater Restaurant

Only Blue at Oblu Select is one of the lesser-known underwater restaurants in Maldives. However, of underwater restaurants in Maldives, this is one of the closest to Male Hotels and resorts, making it a top choice for those who don’t stay on one of the private islands with their own underwater restaurant.

Only Blue has become the largest underwater restaurant in Maldives and is an adults only location. It’s in the middle of a tropical paradise, with the coral reef to one side and stunning blue ocean all around you. While it is now the largest, they don’t have the panoramic views that some of the others are known for.

When you walk in, you get a glass of champagne handed to you before you even sit at your table. They then come out with a variety of appetizers from the menu that include both hot and cold choices. Order drinks from the bar, or just enjoy the luxury cuisine as you visit this spot.

The marine life is incredible as you dine on luxury cuisine. It’s easy to visit here, but remember it is only for adults as a luxury experience. The five-course meal approach from the menu has some of the best food in the world.

What is it Like to Dine at Underwater Restaurants in the Maldives?

Dine underwater in Maldives

From the world’s first undersea restaurant Ithaa to the largest at Only Blue, there are some really spectacular choices located in the Maldives. If you’ve ever stayed in the water villas at various resorts, this is an even more unique experience for guests.

You get to dine with marine life floating all around you. You become a part of their world, located in the depths of the ocean. The sea dining experience at these resorts and restaurants is the world’s finest dining adventure.

Underwater dining falls into a category all its own. The first underwater restaurant ever created is attributed to Maldives, and they’ve continued to expand from there. Underwater restaurants in the Maldives are all created to be incredibly unique.

So what is it like to dine at these underwater restaurants in the Maldives? Here’s a quick glimpse!

Expansive Ocean Views

The one thing that all of these underwater restaurant locations have in common are the views. Underwater restaurants in the Maldives are surrounded by ocean and sea life. Some of them have panoramic views, while others might have glass walls and mirrored ceilings instead.

In both types of designs, the underwater experience remains exquisite. You’re not just looking at the clear blue waters but also the life within.

Underwater Ocean Life

We talked about the stunning blue ocean around you, but you will also see sea life around you too. Every underwater restaurant will provide you with visuals of different animals of the sea.

What might that include? Here are a few examples:

  • Sea turtles
  • Coral reefs
  • Sharks
  • Whales
  • Tropical fish
  • Eels
  • Manta rays

These are the most common views of the underwater world, but it’s quite possible you will see even more!

Luxury Dining

These Maldives underwater restaurants will also give you luxury dining experiences. Some of the Maldives locations allow children, while others are adults only. Some allow groups of people, while others limit underwater dining to tables of two.

If you’re looking for specific details when you come to Maldives, keep an eye out for the specifics of the restaurant before you book. These Maldives underwater locations all have different specifications that vary across the board.

For example, 5.8 requires you to remove your shoes, and they only seat adult parties of two. However, some of the others even offer kids’ menus to their Maldives guests.

Add the Maldives Underwater Experience to Your Bucket List!

There are only seven Maldives underwater restaurants at this time, but Maldives will likely add more in the coming years. These Maldives locations have become increasingly popular all over the world, and they continue to increase. Some resorts have added them, while others make them open to everyone in the world.

Maldives was home to the first underwater dining in the world, which is certainly something to be proud of! Which of these Maldives locations do you want to try first?

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Maldives Underwater Restaurants on Map


Does Maldives Have Underwater Restaurant Choices?

Yes! Currently, there are seven different Maldives restaurants that fall into this category. You can choose which one you think you will love, or even book at the resort it is associated with. Keep in mind that some require reservations or have specific rules for who can eat there.

Are Underwater Restaurants Expensive in Maldives?

These will be more expensive than alternative dining options. They are designed for the experience and are worth every bit of the cost. The M6M restaurant is actually part of the all-inclusive cost at its resort, so this may be a detail to consider. You’re most likely looking at $200-$350 per person.

What Was the First Underwater Restaurant in Maldives?

The first one in Maldives and the entire world was Ithaa, which is certainly something for Maldives to be proud of. They had the first-ever restaurant like this. Maldives is now proud to host seven restaurants underwater.

What is the Most Popular Underwater Restaurant in Maldives?

The most well-known choices in Maldives are 5.8 and Ithaa because they are the most established and offer panoramic views of Maldives ocean life. However, you really can’t go wrong with any of the Maldives locations.

Can Anyone Go to these Restaurants in Maldives?

It depends on which Maldives restaurant you choose. Some of the Maldives locations are adults only, some are couples only, and some are fully open to families in Maldives as well. If you want to go to an underwater restaurant, just be sure to check ahead and plan accordingly.