Hard Rock Hotel Maldives – Is It For You?

So, you’re on your way to the Maldives and looking for a place to stay. It can be overwhelming for sure, especially with all the amazing options of hotels, villas, guesthouses, and resorts that the Maldives offers. If you’re looking for a hotel with a combination of amenities, dining, and entertainment, all for an affordable price, you’re in luck. The Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is a great option that provides a quality, fun experience that you won’t forget.

The service is exceptional, and you can even enjoy the stunning beachfront view that this hotel offers.

You probably want a place with activities and amenities but are still looking for a budget-friendly option. It’s very understandable– not everyone can drop $1,000+ per night on a luxury stay. This is where the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives steps in.

Stay tuned because we’ll be covering all the important aspects of this hotel, from the cost to what’s included. By the end, you may even be searching for a room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Maldives.

What is Hard Rock Hotel Maldives?

Hard Rock Hotel in Maldives

The Hard Rock Hotel in Maldives is a popular hotel/resort that’s located in the Emboodhoo Lagoon in the South Male Atoll. With a rating of 9.4/10 on Expedia, it’s surely a favorite.

You may recognize the classic “Hard Rock Hotel” name from the British-American multinational chain of restaurants and hotels. There are locations all over the world, even in the Maldives.

This hotel brand is well known for its attentive customer service, expansive amenities, and great locations. Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Maldives provides beach access, which is perfect when staying in a country known for its gorgeous ocean sceneries. At this location, you’ll be only a 1 minute’s walk away from Vadoo Beach and a 5-minute walk from Laguna Beach.

Another perk of this place is its onsite restaurant, spa, garden, and more, which we’ll get into a bit more. There’s also a variety of languages spoken, so no matter where you’re from, you’ll be able to find someone to assist you.

The hotel is overall clean and safe and provides a great experience from the minute you get there to the right when you leave.

What are the Amenities at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives?

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives amenities

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: the amenities. Of course, you’ll want to know about the fun and engaging activities and features that the Hotel Hard Rock Maldives offers. Beginning with the water activities, this hotel has an outdoor pool with a waterslide as well as free cabanas and sun loungers. There’s also a poolside bar and a swim-up bar.

Of course, there’s also a private beach where you can swim, sunbathe, or play some volleyball. Enjoy basking in the sun, floating around, and cooling off with a refreshing tropical drink.

The hotel also provides an onsite spa where you can indulge in a massage and facial. Yoga classes and aerobics classes are offered at the 24-hour gym if you’re looking to get some exercise while practicing mindfulness. You can also stroll in the gardens and terraces that add to the whole experience.

To top it all off, the hotel offers 24-hour service, a gift shop, a concierge, and tour/ticket assistance. With the combination of great service and fun, interactive things to do, you’ll be living in paradise while you stay here.

Start your day at the beach and end it at the onsite restaurant. It’s up to you how you enjoy your time there. The sky’s the limit in Maldives.

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What is Hard Rock Maldives Near?

One of the great things about staying at the Hard Rock Resort Maldives is its proximity to helpful or fun places. You can check out the Male Fish Market (and the whole capital of Maldives), which is a close boat ride away.

As mentioned, there are many beaches in the local area as well, including Vadoo Beach, Laguna Beach, and Embudu Beach. There are many restaurants around the area too.

Additionally, the Velana International Airport is only a 20-minute boat ride away. The airport being so close to this hotel is very convenient and makes it easy to get to and from your stay while traveling.

This attribute is definitely a favorite among the guests. The worst thing is getting to the country you’re flying to, only to fly or be on a boat for another hour or two to get to your resort or hotel.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives Location

Is Hard Rock Maldives All-Inclusive?

All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Yes! And what a relief that is! It adds to the relaxing experience of putting one fee down at the beginning of your stay and enjoying everything the resort offers.

The all-inclusive aspect includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and selected alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at any time of the day. That’s hard to pass up if you ask us.

The parts of the resort that aren’t included in the fee are special extras, like a floating breakfast experience or additional activities. You’re welcome to use the pool, beach access, and facilities without an extra fee though. If you decide to stay in the Maldives, all-inclusive resorts and hotels are definitely the way to go.

Pros and Cons of Staying at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Stay at Hard Rock Hotel in Maldives

Let’s wrap this up by checking out both sides of the coin with pros and cons. It’s hard to make an informed decision when you only look at the benefits, and our goal is to show you the full picture.

While there are many great attributes of the resort, there are some drawbacks as well.

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We’ll begin with the pros. We’ve covered the main benefits of staying at the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives throughout this article.

From all-inclusive access and eating to the expansive amenities and 24-hour service, it’s a top place for tourists to stay when visiting the Maldives.

In our opinion, the main benefits are the easy accessibility to popular surrounding locations and the array of amenities. If you’re looking to do some relaxing but mix it with exploring the towns and Maldivian culture, this hotel combines them both.

We highly recommend getting out there and meeting locals, trying traditional cuisine, and learning about what makes Maldives the country it is today. Leave the hotel for a day or two and make your way around the island, you won’t regret it.

The other benefit that stands out is the all-inclusive food and amenities. You’ll get a lot out of the free meals. It’s a vacation, after all, and you’ll want to eat your heart out while visiting!

The restaurants serve everything from traditional Maldivian food to American favorites so you won’t be lacking in options.

Many other resorts offer a similar deal, though, so do your research before landing on this one. It’s not uncommon to find great amenities and included meals in the Maldives.

Other Perks of Hard Rock Hotel Maldives:

  • Seven days prior free cancellations
  • Free meal upgrades of 7 night stay
  • Free use of snorkeling gear, kayaks, and pedal boats
  • 25% off return for min. four nights stay


With the pros and benefits covered, let’s move on to the cons. The most obvious one may be that since Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is an all-inclusive resort, it’s too easy to stay within the confines of the hotel for the entire stay. It’s fun if you’re looking for a relaxing and secluded vacation, but Hard Rock Hotel doesn’t give much chance to immerse yourself in the Maldivian culture. You’ll need to be proactive about leaving the gates and exploring the local towns and communities.

Another con is that this resort can still be very expensive to some, and depending on the room you stay in, the prices only increase. Compared to other resorts on the island, it’s still an affordable price, starting at around $100-$150 and getting upwards of a few hundred. You’ll find cheaper stays at guesthouses and villas, but amenities aren’t included. For the quality of stay that comes with the price, though, it’s pretty worth it.

Other cons may include location, as even though it’s close to beaches and the airport, it can be too close for some people looking for a more secluded private island. But be willing to add to your budget in this case.

These are all factors that you’ll need to look into and decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

We recommend that you do thorough research and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each place, especially if you’re looking for a memorable experience.

An Experience You Won’t Forget

Experience Hard Rock Hotel

We promise you that any place you stay in within the Maldives will provide an amazing experience. Some hotels and resorts may offer more personal favorites in terms of amenities and services, but Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is definitely one that’s hard to beat.

Take our advice throughout this article, but don’t forget to research other options too.

Have fun in the Maldives!

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives Reviews

“We stayed 4 days and 3 nights. It was a great experience. The entire staffs from the receptionist to housekeeping was amazing!! They are very hospitable and accommodating. I would recommend anyone to stay here!”Expedia

“A beautiful location and the view from our room was amazing! A few of the staff were particularly nice and attentive and we we there was music and activities to enjoy. Overall feel very grateful and blessed to have enjoyed a stay here :)”Hotels.com

“Everything here is wonderfully amazing! We are so well taken care of by the staff working here. Every members are truly humble and friendly. We are very touched by every little detail that the hotel management has placed for guests to enjoy. What amazes us most are the people and the environment it presented. For the very first time in my review, I give this resort property a perfection and we hope to come back again in times to come.”Agoda

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives Images


What is included in the all-inclusive Hard Rock Maldives?

The all-included aspect features free meals, drinks, 24-hour service, and amenities. You’ll have access to the pool, private beach, gym, tennis courts, and more!

How far is Hard Rock Maldives from the airport?

The Velana International Airport is only a 20-minute boat ride away– definitely a bonus of staying here! The distance makes it easy to travel and avoids possible mishaps along the way.

What are the ratings of Hard Rock Maldives?

On Expedia, Hard Rock Hotel in Maldives has a rating of 9.1/10. The rating on Hotels.com is 9.4/10. These are both amazing ratings that reflect the quality of Hard Rock Hotels.

What is the cost of Hard Rock Hotel Maldives?

The price per night ranges, starting at around $100 and going up to a few hundred. It all depends on the room you’re staying in, the activities you choose, and any additional costs you add on.

Is it worth staying at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives?

In our opinion and the opinion of everyone who’s rated this hotel five stars, yes! From the amenities to the service and location, it offers a great deal for the price.

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