Fishing in Maldives: An Amazing Adventure

If you love to fish, fishing in Maldives should be one of the first experiences that you look into. You can’t just go fishing anywhere, or on your own terms, so you will need to look into how and where to fish in the Maldives before you go.

The good news is that we’ve already done that for you!

There are plenty of Maldives fishing charters that can help you experience the fishing trip of a lifetime. Whether you’re into seeing a variety of fish in Maldives, or you really want to experience Maldives big game fishing adventures, we’ve got you covered.

Find out all the details you should know below!

Why You Should Experience a Maldives Fishing Trip

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Fishing in the Maldives is a total experience. Whether you want to head out on a Maldives fishing charter or just do some reef fishing in Maldives, it will be an experience to remember. There is SO much to see in the Indian Ocean.

The crystal clear waters give you clear views of the gorgeous ocean species, the reefs around you, and the numerous fish beneath the surface. And yet, even what you see at the surface is only just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many species of fish that live in the deep sea too. Where the tourism industry is the biggest money maker for Maldives, fishing in the Maldives is the next big industry.

Fishing is also a huge employment industry in Maldives, with over 20% of the population making their living off of fishing in some way. Also, over 70% of animal protein consumed by Maldives people is fish.

These are the top reasons to consider a Maldives fishing experience:

  • Big game fishing excitement
  • Fly fishing experiences
  • Tons of fish species
  • Learn new fishing techniques
  • The prices are reasonable for the adventures
  • Access to the best fishing spots

Let’s look closer at these.

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Big Game Fishing Excitement

Big game fishing in MaldivesBig game fishing is one of the most popular experiences because it’s bound to bring those fish stories to life. If you really want to be able to talk about the whopper of a fish that you caught, this type of fishing experience is perfect for you.

To fish for big game fish in the Maldives, you will need to plan chartered fishing trips to do so. Some of these run year round, it just depends on the company.

The charters will take you out to premier fishing destinations, and teach you exactly what you need to know to reel in a big catch in the Maldives.

You might see species like dorado, marlin, Mahi-mahi, & sailfish out there. While it is available year-round, the best time frames are typically from November to March during the dry seasons.

On these charters, you will probably do some heavy-duty trolling for the most part.

Fly Fishing Experiences

If you want to go fly fishing in the Maldives, there are some really awesome spots to do so. Many times, you can stick close to your resort on the inhabited islands, using local sandbanks and flat areas, much like you would with shore fishing.

The biggest difference is you’re using fly fishing gear instead of a traditional pole and line or trying out jigging and popping. Ask around to find the best locations where you can see a huge number of different species.

It’s popular to use fly fishing on the coral islands or around the coral reefs. Reef fish are fun to catch and release. There are low tide areas that make great line fishing opportunities.

You might see trevally, triggerfish, or even bonefish as reef fish on this fly adventure.

Tons of Fish Species

Yellowfin tuna in Maldives

One of the best reasons to go on fishing trips in the Maldives is the ability to see so many different fish species while you’re out there.

Here are the common catches in Maldives:

  • Yellowfin tuna and Wahoo
  • Giant Trevally
  • Red Bass
  • Barracuda
  • Blue Marlin
  • Bonefish
  • Sailfish

Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo

Tuna, MaldivesTuna fishing can be a lot of fun and is one of the most popular fishing species on any of the islands. Maldives is one massive tuna & wahoo location, and these are popular in many of their food menu items too. See what the food in Maldives is like.

You are most likely to find success in tuna fishing for yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, or wahoo Mahi-mahi with night fishing.

Giant Trevally

Giant TrevallyIf you’re looking for fish you can catch all year, besides tuna, giant trevally is the fish you are after. You can go live bait fishing or night fishing and find these fish just about anywhere, any time of day. Male is one of the best fishing grounds for anglers looking at this type of charter adventure.

Red Bass

Maldivess BassIf you’re one of the fly anglers that really like to catch things like bass, trout, bluefin, and other similar fish, a local island adventure you should look at in Maldives is jig and pop. It’s the perfect way to catch some bass and other similar fish.

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BarracudaAnother fishing trip you can take all year long in Maldives is to catch barracuda! These are a good choice for pole and line fishing or shore fishing. You can also find sizable ones on different island charter tours too. Barracuda is a local favorite if you’re in the right area of Maldives.

Blue Marlin

Blue MarlinFishing in Maldives for blue marlin is best in the fall and spring months. There are targeted Maldives areas that are best for them, so this may be a detail to consider when you’re planning fishing activities. Anglers may need to head to other island locations rather than their hotel or resort to target marlin.


BonefishBonefish will likely be another charger adventure for fishermen. Head out in the morning and the best time frame is from January to March. You will likely need to make arrangements at your resort to go to one of the islands that are best to target bonefish near the reefs.


SailfishFishermen will likely only find sailfish on charter trips. Sometimes, you need bottom fishing or deep fishing from a boat. It’s a destination experience and you will take a trip on your charters to islands near Guraidhoo for the best target destination.

Learn New Ways to Fish in the Maldives

As anglers and adventurers head out for a great time fishing in Maldives, it’s important to know there are several different options. From Maldives deep sea fishing to using lines, hooks, nets, and more.

Boats will have different methods for catching the appropriate fish and staying in line with the island regulations as well.

These are some of the popular techniques anglers and charter trip options use for different types of fishing:

  1. Beach casting
  2. Jigging & popping
  3. Deep drop fishing
  4. Reef fishing
  5. Trolling
  6. Shore fishing
  7. Night fishing

One of the best Maldives fishing adventures is trolling, jigging, and popping. It just might be like no experience you’ve ever had! This is a Maldives charter experience.

Reasonable Prices for Adventure

From reef fishing in Maldives to anglers that seek charter adventure, these island activities are not overly expensive. Most resorts will have opportunities for anglers or fishing trip selections that you can book directly there.

You might also be able to travel to other islands or a coral reef location.

The costs are reasonable, considering this could be a really awesome adventure. Whether you’re just having a good time, catching some tuna, or looking for the big hook stories, you’re going to love it!

Access the Best Fishing Spots

When you take a tour with paid anglers or a guide, these are the best ways to get to where the fish really are. There are fish all around the resorts, but when you have something specific in mind, you need to know where and when to go!

In addition, there are some rules and regulations.

There are prohibited activities. The best way to ensure you get the best fishing locations and don’t violate any rules is to take a guided tour or use a designated fishing area for things like mahi-mahi and tuna.

Where and How to Fish in Maldives

How to Fish in Maldives

Grab your rod and your lines, and head on over to the boat. Most of the time, commercial tours or a guided boat will take you out in the morning or evening.

That’s because it tends to be the best times. However, you might find commercial options all day long as well.

But what do you need to know about going fishing in Maldives? If you’re caught in the wrong place or a prohibited area, you could be in big trouble.

These locations have some great spots for going fishing in Maldives on your own:

  • Male
  • Dhiffushi
  • Fulidhoo
  • Keyodhoo

Just be sure you understand where and what the rules are in that area. Take a morning adventure and see the fish!

Maldives does have some stringent rules when it comes to fishing. This is because it’s so integral to their livelihood. They also don’t want you to accidentally cause harm to something the Maldives values because you fish in the wrong spot.

If a Maldives reef is considered to be in the reserve, you are not allowed to fish there. In addition, if a reef or sandbar is an integral part of the island, you also cannot fish from there. In places like reefs, you cannot use nets. Species like billfish and trevally are regulated to be catch and release only.

You are not allowed to fish for any type of sharks. This was banned quite some time ago in Maldives. You also need to leave the uninhabited islands alone without proper permissions. These are naturally preserved areas.

Tuna and mahi-mahi have high numbers and are generally free game, as long as you are following the basic rules. Your most common fish to eat will be tuna or Mahi-mahi. As a general rule, if you are catching for fun and not food, you should plan to simply release after you take the required photos with your fish.

The Best Times to Go Fishing in Maldives

Now, let’s talk about times. This will heavily depend on the type of fish you are looking for. No matter what time of year you are in Maldives, you can find some sort of fishing adventure to enjoy. Some times may be more limited than others.

The majority of fishing is best done either in the morning or the evening. This is when many different species are most active, or most likely to take your bait.

If you’re looking for peak seasons, your best times are going to range between November and March. However, keep in mind, you can fish all year long.

The Ultimate Paradise Adventure

There are plenty of exciting opportunities and adventures in Maldives to suit just about any preferences. Fishing in Maldives is something you should definitely consider if you love to fish, or you really want some “fish tales” to share when you get back home.

It will be an adventure, and a catch, that you will likely remember forever.

What type of fish will you be looking forward to chasing?

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Is There Good Fishing in the Maldives?

If fishing is your thing, you will find tons of opportunities. You’re likely to catch something anywhere you try it out.

How Much Does Fishing Cost in Maldives?

The costs for your adventures are going to vary, depending on what you decide to do. Deep sea charters are always more expensive. However, some excursions and guided trips only start from around $30.

Where Can I Fish in the Maldives?

You can fish in any designated area or on a guided tour or charter trip. There are restricted locations, so always be sure to check out the rules before just assuming you can fish.

How Do the Maldivians Traditionally Catch Fish?

The most common method used is pole and line, which accounts for more than half of the tuna catches throughout the islands.

Is it Legal to Fish in Maldives?

Yes, but there are some rules and restrictions to be familiar with. The best option is to head out with a guide.

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