Six Senses Laamu – Sustainable Luxury

It’s time to book a vacation, and you’re looking for the perfect place to kick your shoes off and relax. Out of all the beautiful destinations you could choose from, it’s hard to overlook Maldives with its picturesque scenery and various activities to enjoy. Be sure to look into what this country offers, and consider staying at the luxurious Six Senses Laamu when you visit.

This luxury resort will bring out the best of the Maldives and provide you with an experience you won’t forget.

From delicious food to high-end rooms and amenities, you’ll truly be living your dream vacation.

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What is Six Senses Laamu Maldives?

Six Senses Laamu Resort

The Six Senses Laamu Maldives is a premium resort located south of Male on the Maldives’ Laamu Atoll. This environmentally friendly resort provides guests with the ideal tropical paradise experience, considering how close it is to the beach.

The resort has 97 villas divided into several categories, including beach villas, water villas, and multi-bedroom villas. Each villa is designed to provide guests with a sense of privacy and comfort, with a private pool, outdoor shower, and a stunning view of the Arabian Sea region of the Indian Ocean.

Six Senses Laamu Maldives also provides various dining options, with different restaurants serving foreign and local cuisine. The resort focuses on using fresh, locally produced products to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

The resort also provides a variety of activities, such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, and water sports. Visitors can also enjoy spa treatments, yoga sessions, and other wellness activities.

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives, commitment to sustainability is one of its distinguishing traits. The resort has taken several steps to reduce its environmental impact. This resort generates electricity using solar panels and has a water bottling plant, which removes the need for disposable water bottles.

The resort collaborates closely with the local community to promote sustainable tourism practices.

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Types of Rooms and Pricing Range at Six Senses Laamu

Six Senses Laamu Room

Various villas, suites, and private apartments are available at Six Senses Laamu to accommodate different requirements and tastes. The type of lodging you select and the time of year determine the cost per night.

Here’s what you can generally expect in rooming and pricing at Six Senses Laamu:

  • Lagoon Water Villa: $1,300 to $2,000 per night
  • Ocean Water Villa: From $1,500 to $2,200 per night
  • Beach Villa: $1,800 to $2,400 per night
  • Beachfront Family Villa: $2,500 to $3,800 per night
  • Oceanfront Villa with Pool: From $4,000 to $6,000 per night

A premium lodging choice in the Maldives’ Laamu Atoll is the Six Senses Laamu water villa. The water villa, which is perched over the Indian Ocean, provides visitors with a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean and lush green islands.

The water villas are also furnished with contemporary conveniences like air conditioning, a minibar, a music system, and an espresso maker. Throughout their stay, guests have access to free Wi-Fi.

Inclusions and Amenities

The following inclusions and amenities are available regardless of the kind of lodging you select:

  • Breakfast is served in the resort’s restaurant
  • Individual bicycles to tour the island
  • Free non-motorized water sports such as stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking
  • Entrance to the fitness facility, gym, and yoga pavilion at the hotel
  • Free Wi-Fi


The following optional services and activities are also provided by Six Senses Laamu for an additional fee:

  • Exclusive dining events, such as candlelit meals on the beach or barbecues in the villa
  • Spa services & health and mindfulness activities, including yoga and meditation sessions
  • Trips involving snorkeling and scuba diving to discover the local coral reefs and marine creatures
  • Cultural activities, including island hopping excursions and Maldives cooking lessons

The experience and services you receive at Six Senses Laamu are extremely luxurious and tailored, which means the cost per night is higher than at other Maldives resorts.

Six Senses Laamu provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those seeking an escape, from the spectacular natural beauty to the superb service and attention to detail.


Six Senses Laamu is renowned for its superior customer service, and visitors love the friendly, accommodating employees.

Many amenities are available at the resort, including a spa, a fitness center, a water sports facility, and many dining options.

Other activities available to visitors include fishing, dolphin viewing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

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Six Senses Laamu Sustainability

Six Senses Laamu has implemented many eco-friendly programs as part of its commitment to sustainability. In addition to recycling waste and utilizing a desalination facility to supply guests with fresh water, the resort uses solar energy to power itself.

Also, visitors can participate in tree planting and environmental projects like cleaning up the reef.

Here are some programs Six Senses Laamu is part of:

  • The Maldives Underwater Initiative
  • The Manta Trust
  • Blue Marine Foundation
  • Olive Ridley Project

Learn more about sustainability in Maldives.

Events and Facilities

A variety of activities and services are available at Six Senses Laamu, such as:

Scuba diving: The resort features a PADI dive facility that is fully stocked with diving instructions for all skill levels. Visitors may explore the Maldives’ underwater environment and see a diversity of marine creatures. Here you can find more Maldives dive resorts, if that’s your thing.

Watersports: Surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding are just a few of the many water sports available at the resort.

Spa: The Six Senses Spa is a beachfront facility that provides a variety of therapies and treatments, such as body cleanses, facials, and massages.

Dining: The resort features many restaurants and bars that provide a variety of foods, from Maldivian specialties to worldwide cuisine.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Six Senses Laamu is dedicated to sustainability and has implemented many green projects, including a desalination facility that supplies the resort with water, a waste management system that recycles garbage, and a program for coral propagation.

Service and Personnel: The resort takes great pleasure in its top-notch customer care and its helpful, amiable employees. From the time they arrive, visitors can anticipate a personalized and friendly encounter.

Enjoy Your Stay at Six Senses Laamu

Stay at Six Senses Laamu

Six Senses Laamu is frequently cited as one of the best resorts in the Maldives on TripAdvisor, with numerous reviews complimenting the resort’s stunning setting, first-rate service, and delectable cuisine.

Particularly couples have gushed over the setting’s romantic ambiance and a chance to unwind from the pressures of daily life. It’s also on our list of Maldives romantic resorts.

With a variety of facilities and activities geared towards kids, families are especially well cared for.

While parents can unwind knowing that their young children are in capable care, kids can enjoy everything from culinary classes to beach games.

The whole family will have a great time, so book your stay today and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime!

Six Senses Laamu Location

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Six Senses Laamu Reviews

Guests who have stayed at the resort have given Six Senses Laamu amazing ratings.

The reviews generally touch on the following topics:

  • Gorgeous setting: Visitors talk about the resort’s beautiful setting, which features turquoise waters and white sand beaches.
  • Exceptional customer service: Many visitors highlight the friendly staff’s efforts to make visitors feel at home.
  • Superb cuisine: Visitors adore the variety and caliber of the cuisine served at the resort’s restaurants.
  • Eco-friendly programs: Many visitors value the resort’s dedication to sustainability and participate in its numerous eco-friendly programs.

“magical place! everything was perfect, hats off to the staff who always worked with a smile on their faces. the food was amazing, the location is breathtaking, abundant marine life. rooms extremely comfortable, wonderful spa, many activities offered. perfect!” –

“The Six Senses Laamu is absolutely perfect! The service, the food and the stuff that just got every little detail on point. Prepare to pay more than you stay rate for extras though but it’s totally worth it! Will definitely come back here.”Expedia

“Fantastic place…lots to do and the staff are possibly the friendliest I have ever seen anywhere on the globe. Food is fantastic. Rooms are stunning and the whole place is superbly well organised and runs like clockwork.”


How do I get to Six Senses Laamu?

Six Senses Laamu is located on the Olhuveli Island, so the resort can be reached from the closest airport, which is Laamu’s Kadhdhoo Airport. If you’re flying internationally, you’ll need to first fly to the Male International Airport and then transfer to Kadhdhoo Airport. From there, you can take a speedboat ride to Laamu.

When was Six Sense Laamu built?

The Six Senses Laamu resort was built in 2011 and has offered guests an amazing vacation experience since then.

How much does Six Senses Laamu cost?

Considering that Six Senses Laamu is a higher-end resort, the cost per night will be higher. Rooms cost upwards of $1,000 per night and can get up to $6,000. While the experience is amazing, definitely check your budget before staying here.

When did Six Sense Maldives open?

Six Senses Maldives opened in 2011. It is a luxury resort located in the southern part of the Maldives, offering private villas, pristine beaches, and world-class amenities.

Is it worth it to stay in Six Senses Laamu Maldives?

In our opinion, yes! This resort is definitely more expensive than many others in Maldives, but you’re guaranteed an amazing experience. Just keep the costs in mind before making any decisions.