Stay in the Top Maldives Villas in Paradise

When you head to the Maldives, you will find that there are tons of different room accommodations to choose from. You’ve got Maldives villas, bungalows, beach houses, hotels, and so much more. Two terms that are often interchangeable are bungalows and villas. This is because they are the same concept, but you can find them in different ways.

In this guide, we are going to really focus on water villas and highlight some of the beach villas as well. The idea is to give you privacy and peace in a luxurious setting.

We’ve put together some of the top overwater villas in Maldives to choose from. Find out more below!

The Top 12 Villas in Maldives

Throughout the Indian Ocean, you will find a scattering of islands known as the Maldives. Each of those islands is unique. All of the populated locations have some really great things to offer.

Not only will you be surrounded by phenomenal views of the Indian Ocean, but you will likely be staying on a private island at some of the top resorts in the Maldives.

When it comes to villas, you will find that you can choose from a water villa or a beach villa on some occasions.

These are the top Maldives villas on our list:

  1. Soneva Two Bedroom Reserve with Slide
  2. Hideaway Family Villa
  3. Soneva One Bedroom Family Retreat
  4. Waldorf Astoria Stella Maris Ocean Villa
  5. Anantara Water Villas Selections
  6. Kudadoo Maldives Private Island Water Villa
  7. Niyama Private Island Crescent Villa
  8. Nautilus Maldives – Nautilus Retreat
  9. COMO Cocoa Sunset Villa
  10. Conrad Maldives Rangali Muraka
  11. Cheval Blanc Randheli
  12. Joali Maldives Water Villa

1. Soneva Two Bedroom Water Villa Reserve with Slide

Soneva two bedroom water villa

If you’re looking for one of the top 5-star Maldives private villa options, look no further. This Maldives luxury villa is absolutely one of the most stunning options in the country. It’s certainly not cheap, but it has a ton of great things to offer you.

It’s a two-bedroom resort that has a private infinity pool. But that’s not all. You also have a built-in slide that takes you directly into the lagoon surrounding the resort. It’s one of the most amazing ways to experience the Indian Ocean and the crystal clear waters that surround you.

If the slide is something you are looking for, see our article: Maldives resorts with slides

This amazing villa in Maldives will make your vacation completely luxurious. You can take a bath in the jacuzzi tub, enjoy some swimming in privacy, just hang out and relax, or take part in snorkeling and other enjoyment. Two bedrooms give you plenty of space to spread out or lounge around.

You will experience some of the best service imaginable while you’re here. Did we mention that parts of this paradise villa have a retractable roof?

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2. Hideaway Beach Resort Family Villa

Hideaway beach villa

Next up on our list comes another of those 5-star villas we promised. This one has a beachfront setting, and it also has two bedrooms. Enjoy the spacious private pool at your front deck. This private residence is at a phenomenal resort. It’s a beautiful spot with both indoor and outdoor amenities.

First of all, it’s right on the beach, with close access to the water. Like most private islands, you will have plenty of space to yourself, including private pools, one of which is an infinity pool. You’re surrounded by some trees so that guests can enjoy some added privacy. However, you’re also located at the foot of the water, so you have uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean.

The beach around sports white sands. There are two bathroom locations in this two-bedroom. It’s great for a group of adults or a family group too. Enjoy your own dining spaces, as well as features like air conditioning, jacuzzis, Wi-Fi, and even a personal butler for your entire visit.

This resort also offers water villas.

Check out their 360 tour:

3. Soneva One Bedroom Family Retreat Beach Villa

Maldives family villa

Looking for a luxurious or romantic night but don’t need as much space? Check out the 1 bedroom family retreat villa at Soneva. Again, it’s a Maldives 5-star resort, and the rooms and features are amazing. You are close to the spa, as well as the water and lagoon, but you also have a spacious private space.

This grand deluxe villa is on the Maldivian beach in the Baa Atoll. It’s one of the best locations in the world for luxury getaways. Enjoy a plunge pool right outside your front door. It’s a tropical sanctuary where you can kick back and relax.

These beachfront villas in the Maldives are a little bit closer together than some of the secluded choices. However, you are still separated enough to feel like you have privacy. Enjoy the sand, lounge around on the deck, and take advantage of the top-notch service available to you.

4. Waldorf Astoria Stella Maris 5-Star Villa

5-star ocean villa

This overwater villa in Maldives is all about ocean luxury. The Waldorf Astoria is a 5 star resort, and it’s only been open for a few years. Stella Maris is a private villa in Maldives that is part of this resort. You get the perfect experience of paradise in these personal villas.

This particular choice is a romantic overwater selection. The Waldorf Astoria resorts have a few different villas to choose from, but this is definitely a stunning choice. It has several bedrooms, and you won’t be disturbed by other guests because it requires a boat to access.

You will have delightful overwater hammocks, a private infinity pool, a personal service butler, and so much more at these Maldives overwater villas. Not to mention the private access and the ability to still enjoy activities like snorkeling and other fun things the resort offers.

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5. Anantara Overwater Villas Selections

Anantara overwater villas

If you’re in the market for delightful Maldives overwater villas that aren’t clumped together but provide luxury and access, this is a great choice. Anantara has several overwater villas in the Maldives to choose from.

One of the most popular choices is the two bedroom overwater Maldivian experience. The rooms even have glass surroundings and floors in some spots.

The suites are everything you would expect from a tropical adventure. The deck will allow you to enjoy the sun on your holiday with the best views of the ocean around you. It’s a grand creation, for sure. The indoor spaces are stunning and simple.

You can put your toes in the sand at their beachfront areas, take in some diving, spend a day in Male, or just reserve several nights to enjoy the sunset from your own space. Adults can come together in this spacious location and have a Maldivian adventure to remember.

6. Kudadoo Maldives Water Villa with Pool

Maldives villa with pool

Do you want the ability to go swimming in the ocean, stick your toes in the sand, or simply lounge around in the sun all in one spot? Kudadoo is likely one of the most luxurious choices for your holiday.

It’s a true sanctuary retreat with close access to reef adventures, diving, and other activities too.

This retreat is located at a luxurious all-inclusive resort not too far from Male. The resort provides a variety of adventures as well as the option to stay secluded as much as you like. Even the suites at their private villas are separated from each other so groups don’t have to feel stuffed into a small space.

You can enjoy your plunge pool, spend time on the sun deck, go diving, and enjoy your holiday in whatever ways appeal to you the most. The outdoor shower is spacious and the lagoon around you is stunningly clear.

7. Niyama Private Island Crescent Villa

Niyama private island

The Crescent Villa is known around the world for being a deluxe and spacious reserve space that adults can kick back and truly enjoy. Reserve this for tons of features, spacious rooms, pools that impress, and some of the best dining in the world too.

This one certainly falls into Maldives luxury villas for a variety of reasons.

Located on the Niyama private islands, Crescent Villa is one of the best. It’s secluded from the rest of the island but just a short walk away from beachfront luxury. At night, you can retract the roof and enjoy the stars. You have private pools when you reserve this beauty.

The deck is spacious, and your indoor space is just as grand. You have direct access to the lagoon around you, as do other nearby villas. The features are classy, and the resort has an award-winning spa that adults are likely to enjoy.

8. Nautilus Maldives – Nautilus Retreat

Nautilus Retreat

The Nautilus Maldives villas selection has a lot to offer. We recommend the Nautilus retreat, which is located apart from the other villas and set on the water. It’s a large space with outdoor gathering areas and even spa service at the villa when you want it. It’s another world renowned choice with plenty of features to make others jealous.

The lagoon surrounds you and your group with blue waters. These rooms have a bit of a Bohemian style appeal in their design. It’s a two-bedroom choice that also has a luxury shower and a bathroom for each bedroom.

This one is in the Baa Atoll and is part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve. As part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve areas, you can get up close to some amazing sea life. This is one of the resorts in the Maldives that is constantly looking for ways to give you the best possible experience.

9. COMO Cocoa Sunset Villa

COMO Cocoa Sunset Villa

Forget the beach villa style and enjoy water villas like the sunset villa at COMO Cocoa. This one has three bedrooms, providing you with even more space than some of the other water villas we’ve shared. Both indoor and outdoor space is luxurious and spread out to give you tons of room. You even have two private pools at this one villa.

COMO Cocoa island is definitely a secluded choice, more than 45 minutes away from Male by speedboat. The private beach resort and island make for a very nice getaway. The sunset villa is named for its uninterrupted views of the sunset. You can see it from the room, the ocean, the pool, or other places at the resort as well.

This island is stunning, and this luxury resort is private in many ways, even outside of your bedroom or villa. Guests can enjoy dining, spa treatments, luxurious facilities, and the best sunset view around.

10. Conrad Maldives Rangali Muraka

Muraka luxury villa in Maldives

Conrad Maldives villas are pretty great across the board. However, one of the best Maldives villas on the water is the Muraka at this resort. It’s private and exceptional in every sense of the word. Enjoy glass walls surrounding parts of the facility so you can get clear views of the lagoon and ocean.

The reef is practically right outside your window as well. If you want to reserve the ultimate private experience for even one night, look no further. This room is actually one of the first designed like this.

The room is integrated with services like dining, entertainment, living, nightlife, and stunning views all wrapped into one. At night, you can go down below and take in the ocean in the dark.

Each room has a bathroom, and guests can spread out to enjoy the water, outdoor or indoor spaces, and more. The spa at this resort is a top luxury choice as well.

11. Cheval Blanc Randheli

Water villa in Maldives

The Cheval Blanc resort has seven styles of villas in the Maldives that are some of the best in the country. They have modern decoration tones, a butler to tend to your dining and other needs, and so much more. You can even have a floating breakfast in your infinity pool if you want.

The outdoor shower is spacious and secluded. The water around you is perfectly blue, much like other resorts. Guests can enjoy the outdoor infinity pool, head to the spa, spend time at the beach, or just chill near their room on the island.

The resort has a lot to offer, and these four water villas are just the beginning.

12. Joali Maldives Water Villas

Maldives water villas

Joali isn’t part of your typical villas in the Maldives. This multi-bedroom resort villa is almost like an island all its own. Joali has several island choices that include one bedroom or multi room spaces to choose from. The island is incredibly private, and the resort is about creating your own adventure.

Your villa will be near a beach but far enough away for privacy from the island. You have a pool that is luxurious, dining that is delicious, and plenty of well-being options for your retreat.

Choose the room or island experience that best meets your needs!

How to Choose the Best Maldives Villas

There are several things to consider when you’re planning your island adventure in Maldives. We want to keep this simple, so we’ve put together a few pointers to consider before you book a place.

Take these into consideration when booking a Maldives villa:

  • How far is the resort from the airport?
  • Book on a private island if possible
  • Does your beach villa or overwater villa have a pool?
  • Look at the bedroom count
  • Is there room for guests to spread out from each other?
  • Did we mention an infinity pool?
  • What else does the island offer?
  • Do you prefer the water or the beach?
  • What about the bathroom situation?
  • Do they have dining options?

Plan the Ultimate Trip of a Lifetime to a Water Villa

Whether you’re looking for a place where guests can spend all their time at a spa, or you want something located in close proximity to activities, you have plenty of options for Maldives villas.

All of the resorts that have these spaces have unique details that set them apart.

Consider where they are located, what the outdoor scene looks like, and all of the details that will make this an unforgettable experience for you.

Which resorts stick out to you?

Maldives Villas on Map


How Much is a Private Villa in the Maldives?

The prices can vary significantly depending on what you choose. Some villas may “only” be about $1,000 a night, while others are up to $40,000 per night.

Is a Maldives Water Villa Worth It?

Absolutely! But be sure to choose something within your budget.

How Do I Choose a Villa at Maldives Resorts?

Select a room that meets your needs and falls within your budget.

What Villa Did the Kardashians Stay at in Maldives?

They are known to have stayed in a multi-bedroom unit at the Conrad Maldives Rangali.

Can You Stay in a Private Villa on the Beach?

You sure can! These will have bedroom and pool choices, as well as plenty of room much like the overwater choices provide.

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