Planning for Tipping in Maldives

We know what you’re thinking. If you’re already paying for full service or all expenses paid, plus gratuity charges built-in, why should you have to tip too? When it comes to tipping in Maldives, it’s a good idea to be prepared for expectations and plan ahead for any potential added expenses for tipping as well.

Some people come from areas that simply aren’t used to tipping. There are also plenty of individuals who see that automatic 10% service charge added to tabs and purchases, and assume tips are already covered. The good news is that the service charge is added to primarily take care of the need for a tip.

However, in some cases, you might feel compelled to tip or have an opportunity where the charges are not already covered for you.

Keep reading this complete guide to learn more about tipping in the Maldives!

How Much is a Tip in Maldives

Maldives sees a broad range of people from all over the world. Some travel from India and Sri Lanka, while others might travel from Europe or the United States.

And each of these countries has different practices when it comes to tipping.

Tipping in Maldives doesn’t have to be rocket science so we will cover the basics.

These are some of the things that many people might usually tip for or recommend considering leaving a tip of any amount for.

Things that people might tip for in Maldives:

  • Exceptional service
  • Tour guide provision
  • Room cleaning or service
  • Seaplane transfers
  • Staff efforts at hotels or resorts
  • Luggage delivery
  • Restaurant waiter services
  • Taxi trip
  • Boat ride or trip
  • Spa services
  • Diving instruction

And then, here’s the other part of this general equation as well. Tips in Maldives resorts are generally not required but are accepted. The reason for this is that most resort or hotel locations already add a 10% service charge to your bill.

They assume you will appreciate the excellent service on your Maldives island ahead of time.

And excellent service really does deserve a reward. Inclusive resorts in Maldives strive for excellence.

You can choose to leave a tip with extra money and it’s greatly appreciated but Maldives tipping etiquette does not require the added cost.

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Tipping in Maldives – Service Charge Explained

Maldives Service Charge

In the Maldives, tipping in restaurants, island hotels, and resorts is a great way to show added appreciation, but there are no hard feelings when you skip it because of the already included 10% service charge added to your bill.

No matter where you are, excellent service is just what Maldives does.

These are the places that often already have a Maldivian-style tip included in your bill:

  • Hotel
  • Restaurants and Food stops
  • Island resort
  • Local shops
  • Vacation hot spots
  • Private tours
  • Bars
  • Spas

And while this is generally included, there are some people that it is still customary to tip because they don’t get the added service charges or simply don’t make much.

For example, taxi drivers aren’t always covered by the other services that have the 10% added charges.

How to Leave a Tip in Maldives

How to Leave a Tip in Maldives

So how do you tip if you choose to go above and beyond what your bill says? It’s easy!

Check out these quick steps for tipping in Maldives:

  1. Decide how much to tip
  2. Choose how you will tip.
  3. Simply leave a tip or give a tip directly to the person

Tipping is not required, but it certainly is appreciated by those who live and work in Maldives. How much to tip is entirely up to you.

You could choose to tip someone daily, or you can even tip them on a per-week basis. Perhaps you chose not to tip initially, but you’re so impressed by the end that you feel compelled to tip. In this case, a per-week tip is always appreciated.

You could also calculate based on per-day totals, per bag carried by the butler, or even the total per day that you’re spending at the hotel or resort.

Tips don’t have to be a set amount, and we recommend planning for $2-$5 per day as being sufficient for most tips for each service.

You’re choosing to provide tips based on good service, and while it’s already covered, this is your chance to go above and beyond and show your appreciation with some added tipping to the workers that serviced you.

Tipping at the hotel is typically covered, but away from the resort, it may not be included in your costs. Pay attention to these before you decide whether or not to leave a tip behind.

You can convert cash if you need to, but tipping in US dollars is also acceptable. US dollars are accepted at almost every hotel and throughout the entire country of Maldives, so if that is your best source for tipping, it will not be a problem at all.

Here you can learn more about the Maldives currency.

You can convert your local currency with our tool:

15 452,18 MVR 1 USD = 15,4522 MVR 1 MVR = 0,0647 USD (Exchange rates are updated daily)
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Who to Consider Tipping in Maldives

You can plan ahead for tipping in Maldives if you’re planning your trip and know what your Indian Ocean activities or travels will be. Who you end up tipping will be entirely up to you.

And since that 10% is already covered for the most part at your hotel or resort, a small amount shows the local Maldivian people that you appreciate them. The staff is at your service!

We would recommend a small gesture for exemplary services anytime someone is doing something otherwise free for the guests. Remember, this is a life of luxury for you that many people will never experience.

The local people make small wages. Again, tipping is not required but leaving a personal extra bit of small cash usually makes them feel appreciated. The culture does not expect you to give any amount, but the gratitude from any extra amount will undoubtedly be displayed.

The hotel bill covers the general Maldivian staff at hotels. So, it’s primarily the extras that aren’t covered by your bill. Even Maldives restaurants have that added service charge, so tipping your waiter is fine but restaurants do cover this in Maldivian locations too.

Not sure who to tip in the Maldives? Consider tipping any added service, where you see a gesture that goes above and beyond. The bell boy that helps you unload and settle in, the Maldivian driver that loads and unloads your luggage, the Maldives tour guide that gives you an incredible experience, the server at the spa or other area that makes you feel oh so welcomed.

These are some great examples of times to tip in Maldives. It’s up to you, but bring some small bills of currency to Maldives with you so you can tip when you feel it’s appropriate.

How Much Should You Tip in Maldives?

Maldives tips

The next question is the amount of currency or tip you should be contributing in Maldives. Really, this answer is entirely up to you. Remember, that the hotel or restaurants might already add 10%, so in these cases, any tipping you do is generous.

In Maldives, leaving a tip is a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation for the hard work of caring for your every need. If you’re tipping for daily services in Maldives, $2-$5 per day is a great number.

If you are leaving a tip in Maldives based on service, we recommend calculating approximately 10-20% of the total and basing your tip on that amount. If you receive phenomenal Maldives service, a tip can be any number. A few dollars in currency left in your room or given to staff is absolutely acceptable.

If a specific individual helped your trip be amazing, you can give them money in private as a tip as well. Private tipping is customary for excellent service. Remember that your all-inclusive location charges guests to receive the absolute best service so a certain amount isn’t required and is instead a personal choice.

Tip in Maldives to Show Gratitude and Appreciation

While it is customary to tip for some things, in most cases it is not expected or required. Bring a bit of currency along with you that is set aside for this purpose, and you will be just fine. Tipping in Maldives is unlike many other countries. Etiquette says you can pay a small amount of currency to staff or people who go above and beyond for you.

Consider meals, room service, and activities as you pay staff for your holiday stay.

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How Much Do You Tip a Butler in Maldives?

A butler at an all-inclusive resort is included in your costs and service charges. However, it’s customary to show appreciation to them. We recommend anywhere from $2-$5 per day.

What Currency Should I Tip in the Maldives?

Plan to tip in either US currency or with the Maldivian Rufiyaa.

How Much Do You Tip Resort Staff?

In most cases, $2-$5 is a good number. You can also tip based on 10-20% of your cost for certain things.

How Much Do You Tip for a Massage in Maldives?

$5-$10 is perfect for a massage or spa experience.

Is $5 a Good Tip in Maldives?

Yes, $5 is a good tip in Maldives for small services. A good daily tip would be $2-$5.

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