Enjoy the Best Maldives Beaches in Paradise

One of the biggest attraction factors to these islands are the amazing Maldives beaches. No matter where you end up, you see brilliant turquoise waters and these incredible white, sandy beaches. It’s almost indescribable.

Picture this. The sun is shining bright (but not too hot) on the clear blue waters of your private island or beach. In one direction, you can see palm trees blowing slightly in the breeze. In the other direction, you see ocean life, a coral reef, and slight waves rolling in.

Meanwhile, you’re hanging out in a lounge chair, sipping your favorite beverage, and just soaking it all in.

Maldives is full of the most beautiful beaches and crystal clear water like what we described here.

But let’s take a journey through some of the top Maldives beach resorts and the favorite beaches that you might want to consider when you’re planning your trip.

The 14 Best Beaches in Maldives

When you search out trip planning to the Maldives beaches, many people are focused on resort names. But for others, you might want to plan your trip and your activities around the beaches themselves.

Did you know that there are somewhere around 1,200 Maldives beaches?

Now, not all of those beaches in the Maldives have a resort, and a large number of them aren’t even inhabited. But there are also many that are.

Here are some of the things that you can expect from every beautiful beach in the Maldives:

  • Pristine beaches with white sand
  • Palm trees, greenery, and flowers
  • Beautiful beach resort selections
  • Coral reefs
  • Water activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or even a sunset cruise
  • Marine life such as reef sharks, sea turtles, live coral reefs, and colorful fish species

All around the beach resorts in Maldives will be soft sand, beach activities, and a stunning natural environment that will make you never want to leave.

Take a look at these top 14 island beaches for your stay in this Indian Ocean Paradise.

1. Cocoa Island Beaches

Cocoa Island Beach
Picture: COMO Cocoa Island

One of the most famous beaches in the Maldives of all the beaches is this sweet Cocoa Island Beach on the South Male Atoll. Como Cocoa Island is one popular option because it’s a private beach set on a perfect tropical island.

They have an exclusive diving hotel, a lively house reef, and more at this perfect boutique beach.

The Cocoa Island Beach is described as having sugar sand beaches, leafy palm trees, and any private excursions your heart desires are readily available too. It just might be the most beautiful beach in the Maldives. Of course, most of them could qualify as such if we’re being honest.

Cocoa Island is home to an amazing resort. It’s a great location to stay in some Maldives beach bungalows. The beach is beautiful, the resorts are very nice, and there are tons of beach activities you can enjoy.

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2. Lily Beach

Lily Beach
Picture: Lily Beach Resort & Spa

Next up is another hotspot. The Lily Beach Resort & Spa sits on the Huvahendhoo Island in the North Ari Atoll. The private island resort is only about 25 minutes from the Male Airport. There is only one resort here at these beaches in the Maldives.

It’s not a tiny island, but it is private. You can see whale sharks from the luxurious resort’s overwater bungalows. Enjoy a scuba diving trip to the exotic house reef and visit some of the most famous dive sites while you’re here.

You will see tons of coconut trees and other greenery, surrounded by natural white sand and brilliant blue waters at this beach.

3. Veligandu Island Beaches

Veligandu Island Beaches
Picture: Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

The Veligandu Island Resort lies on the Veligandu Island. The Veligandu island resort has one of the best beaches in Maldives that stretches out into a beautiful sandbar, extending to the coral reef and still providing you with a private beach to enjoy on the island.

You won’t be sharing any public beaches at Veligandu as this is only available to resort patrons. And yet it’s spacious and large so you have your own private space to enjoy wherever you are.

Soak in the beauty of the Indian Ocean around you and the marine life that thrives around this beach.

Don’t forget to look at their bungalows as well as beach villa Maldives accommodations.

4. Taj Exotica Beach

Taj Exotica Beach
Picture: Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

Another great option of Maldives beaches is the Taj Exotica Beach in the South Ari Atoll region. It’s close to the Male airport, giving you a quick and easy ride to get around.

Here, you will find the beachfront Taj Exotica resort and a private beach.

This particular beach does not have a house reef, but you can head out on clear walks and see the whale sharks from the beach. You can also enjoy scuba diving and other activities while you’re here.

If you’re looking for spectacular views, privacy, and a great beach to walk around or lounge on, this is the choice for you!

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5. Kandolhu Island Beach

Kandolhu Island Beach
Picture: Kandolhu Maldives

Looking for a cozy island to enjoy a couples getaway or even a honeymoon? The Kandolhu Island Beach is one of the best beaches for a romantic stay. The soft sand on the best beaches is one main attraction here but there is far more to enjoy as well.

This island is small, and the beaches circle the entire island, so it allows for space and views from every side.

They do have a house reef, giving you an excellent snorkeling opportunity.

The resort at this beach is Kandolhu Maldives. They have jacuzzi villas and a variety of delicious dining too.

It’s not far from the airport, but you will need to plan for a plane ride to get from the airport to the beach here. The beach is known for being colorful, and the snorkeling is lively.

6. Nalaguraidhoo Island Beaches

Sun Island Resort Beach
Picture: Sun Island Resort & Spa

If you’re looking for white sand and beautiful beaches, come stay at the Sun Island Resort. This bikini beach is perfect for enjoying the sun and white sand or getting out on the water and enjoying the activities as well. It’s only a 10-minute ride from the airport to the beach.

This island and the resort have a lot to offer. People come here to enjoy privacy because the island is large, so it’s easy to find a quiet spot. They have several different attractions around the beach, including the infamous beach swings that you must try.

7. North Ari Atoll Vabbinfaru Island Beaches

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Beach
Picture: Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru

One of the best beaches in the coveted North Male Atoll is the Vabbinfaru Island and beach. This island is known for its round shape, encompassing sandy white beaches, and the nearby reefs too.

You will see plenty of sunshine, and there are nice trees in the center of the island. As far as the resorts here, you will find Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru to be the only choice on the small island. They have snorkeling for your marine life views.

It’s ultimately an inclusive diving hotel with a lot more to offer. Some of the rooms are updated, and some have the authentic setup from their original days. They work hard for sustainability and an eco-friendly approach.

8. Reethi Beach

Reethi Beach
Picture: Reethi Beach Resort

The Reethi Beach has one of the most spectacular nighttime views you are going to find anywhere on Maldives beaches. You can also write down the Mirihi Island Beach as a backup if you need a nighttime spectacular. Reethi and Mirihi Island are very similar.

The colors are phenomenal at sunset.

The waters here practically glow in the dark, which is one of the reasons these are famous beaches in the Maldives. It’s not your average bikini beach, but makes a great place to enjoy and the nighttimes will be captivating.

There are a couple of different resort options between the two beaches, including the Reethi Beach Resort and Mirihi Island Resort. Nearby, you can find some of the best dining, as well as several attractions.

9. Nika Island Beaches

Nika Island Beaches in Maldives
Picture: Nika Island Resort & Spa

The beaches on Nika Island are for Nika Resort and Spa. It’s exclusive to their guests, making an awesome spot to do everything you want for your trip. This location is all about having activities but having the opportunity to be laid back too.

You get the perfect cross between Maldives nature, sea life, and outstanding Maldives villas to stay in. This is in the North atoll, but it’s not far from the coveted Baa Atoll space. These are part of the coral islands with so much ocean life around them and a great location to do some diving or snorkeling.

10. Fulhadhoo Island

Fulhadhoo Island

The Fulhadhoo beach is really all about the exclusivity and the peace and quiet surrounding the guests. It’s a simple beach location, and it’s necessarily the home to one of the highly sought after resorts. At the same time, it’s quaint and quiet, and sometimes that’s what people really want to find the most.

There is plenty to do around the island itself, but you don’t have the constant draw of tourists and enormous activities. In fact, this beach is so secluded that it’s nearly two hours by boat from the Male airport.

You see so much more around you and simply enjoy the relaxation. Yet, the accommodations are nice, and there are things to do and enjoy.

11. Fihalhohi Beach

Fihalholi Beach
Picture: Fihalholi Island Resort

The Fihalhohi Island Resort lies on the beach with the same name. This is in the southern Baa Atoll area with tons of sunshine and stunning views. There is a house reef on two sides, so you almost feel surrounded by reefs, giving you more options for snorkeling and water activities.

Everything about this beach screams of paradise. It’s very close to the airport, so you won’t spend a ton of time traveling. You can also easily go island hopping or spend some time on the mainland.

Here, you will find common beach activities as well as likes like spas, canoeing, and windsurfing.

12. Kurumba Beach

Kurumba Beach
Picture: Kurumba Resort

If you want to be as close as possible to the airport and still have beauty and luxury, Kurumba Beach is the location for you. This is one great place to enjoy a beach house in Maldives or stay in an overwater bungalow. It’s completely up to you.

The beach is absolutely perfect, and they make a habit of offering tons of entertainment and activities to enjoy. It’s not really very secluded because of the various activities, but it can be a lot of fun and has some really awesome views.

You can get to this beach and your resort on the island in about 10 minutes from leaving Malé, Maldives.

13. Hulhumale Beach

Hulhumale Beach Maldives

Hulhumale Beach is another very popular location, and it’s clear to see why. Visitors are welcome, and nearby resort goers also can enjoy the area. This is a public beach space, so you don’t have to worry about exclusivity, especially if you are doing any island hopping.

There are plenty of excursions to enjoy and continued stunning views. You might even be able to find a great excursion package that allows you to enjoy several activities.

A lot of people come here to take advantage of professional photoshoot opportunities.

Keep in mind that bikinis are now allowed at this beach since it is local public beach.

14. Rasdhoo Island Beach

Rasdhoo Island Beach
Picture: Rasdhoo Island Inn

The Rasdhoo Beach and island are home to the Rasdhoo Island Inn. This is the official bikini beach with absolutely no rules about cover ups or the type of swimsuit that you can wear. A lot of tourists appreciate this flexibility and head here for that alone.

It’s a huge beach and island that has tons of open white sand. There are also plenty of palm trees around the island too. The resort places sun beds all over the place. It is a private beach, despite the size, so it’s nice to know you still get privacy even with the popular choice in the South Ari Atoll.

Choosing Which Maldives Beaches to Visit

You can easily just take advantage of the beach at the island you choose to book a resort on. However, you can do the opposite and book your resort based on the beaches too if you prefer.

Some Maldives beaches will have rules about attire, so it’s important to know the details of each beach before you make final plans.

Take a look at these simple tips to help you find the best beaches for your visit.

Beach Activities

Bungalow ActivitiesNot all of the beaches in the Maldives will have the same activities. In fact, you will find there are some that are primarily geared towards lounging and phenomenal views. If there are specific activities that you’re interested in, just check to see what is available at that beach.

If you want to stay near your resort, you can often find these details available with your resort information so keep that in mind.

Beach Rules

Beach RulesThe Maldives is a Muslim country, and some of the beaches in Maldives have conservative rules. If you’re headed to the beaches hoping to wear your string bikini, you need to make sure this will be acceptable.

In most cases, your bungalow allows you to wear whatever you please, but public beaches will have restrictions.

This will vary from island to resort to beaches, so be sure to bring a cover up and learn what is or is not allowed on certain beaches you plan to visit.

The Beach Scene

Beach SceneFinally, what kind of scene do you want around you? Notice in the descriptions above that all these beaches have something different about them. You will find reefs, trees, greenery, white sands, and even different ocean life from beach to beach.

Is there a certain beach scene you’re hoping for? Maybe you want something extremely private and exclusive. These will be the details to pay attention to before you plan the trip.

Don’t forget those beaches with glowing waters at nighttime if that appeals to your needs. Read more about the glowing beach in Maldives.

There Are No Wrong Beaches

There are Maldives beaches for every type of preference and plans out there. Whether you’re looking for privacy and quiet or you want tons of water activities, you can find something to suit your needs.

Beaches in Maldives are waiting for you!

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Maldives Beaches on Map


Does Maldives Have Good Beaches?

Yes! All of the beaches are clean and beautiful. The sands are white and clear no matter where you might go. While the beaches do have different offerings, this is one thing you can always count on.

Where are Maldives Beaches

There are a lot of different beaches. Most of the beaches are named after the island or the resort on the island. There are more than 200 resorts and islands with active beaches.

Why Does Maldives Have White Sand?

The reason behind the white sand has to do with the myriad of coral reefs, as well as the parrotfish that feed off those reefs. The reef and the sunshine contribute to the white sands.

How Many Beaches Does the Maldives Have?

There are four different types of beaches but keep in mind there are beaches on nearly every island in Maldives. The four types are public, bikini, coral and water sports).

Are Bathing Suits Allowed in Maldives?

While you can wear bathing suits, not all of the beaches allow bikinis. Some beaches require modest attire and cover up so be sure to check for those details before you head to a beach.

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