The Most Expensive Resort in Maldives: Experience Ultra-Luxury

Resorts in the Maldives can be pretty pricey. There are budget-friendly options out there, but when you want the best luxury resorts with everything included and top-notch amenities, you’re likely going to spend quite a bit more money to make that happen. The most expensive resort in Maldives provides everything.

The thing is, there are several awesome luxury resorts that fall into this category. Is it worth it to pay more for the best luxury resorts? Absolutely!

You will get the best Indian Ocean experience packed with relaxation, breathtaking views, plenty of activities, and ultra-luxury accommodations that will make you want to stick around for far longer.

Check out these Maldives resorts that have the highest price tags and the best ultra-luxury island experience you could possibly wish for.

The 7 Most Expensive Resorts in the Maldives

It’s not always just about the price tag, but you will likely find that Maldives most expensive resorts are also some of the world’s most stunning locations and the cost is probably well worth the experience.

Even if you only get to take this trip to check a line item off your personal bucket list, it’s going to be the ultimate adventure in so many ways.

These are our top 7 picks for the most expensive resorts in Maldives:

  1. Velaa private island resort
  2. Soneva Jani
  3. Cheval Blanc Randheli
  4. Kudadoo Island Resort
  5. One & Only Reethi Rah Luxury Resorts
  6. Gili Lankanfushi
  7. St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

1. Velaa Private Island Resort

Most Expensive Velaa Private Island

If you’re looking for the most expensive resort in Maldives, this private island resort certainly gets close to the top of the list.

The Velaa private island has been called one of Maldives most luxurious resort choices, which is why it is expensive as well.

But the cost brings you the best views, stunning adventure, and pleasure to your senses with delightful spa activities.

This private island resort rests in the Noonu Atoll and offers service exclusive to Maldivian resort guests only. There will be no outside people on the beaches, in the dining areas, or even on underwater adventures. Many hotels in Maldives are located in populated areas, like Male, but that’s not the case here.

On top of the privacy, you can see pristine beaches all around you. It’s such a romantic location with pool access, diving opportunities, night entertainment on site, and some of the most enjoyable overwater villa amenities you will find.

Did we mention you can access a personal chef and butler during your tropical stay at a Velaa private island villa in Maldives?

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2. Soneva Jani

Expensive Soneva Jani resort

Soneva Jani is another of our choices for the most expensive place in Maldives. It’s one of the best luxury resorts in the Indian Ocean, not far away from its sister resort.

This luxury resort sports world-class accommodations and award-winning designs for their guests. The island is secluded and the Soneva private villas are one of the largest island villas you will find.

You can enjoy private infinity pools at every Soneva Jani villa, see the coral reef, experience the resort amenities, adventure on the island or with water sports, and mingle with other guests on the beach or at the tropical bar if you want to.

Soneva Jani is related to Soneva Fushi, but this resort is more exclusive and allows guests a bit more privacy with more ocean experiences.

This Soneva tropical island location is known around the world and their website will tell you all about the spa, the price per night, and the five-star ratings they are known for. The private beach is surrounded with white sand. This exclusive resort is well worth the visit.

3. Cheval Blanc Randheli

Expensive Resort Cheval Blanc Randheli

If you’re familiar with Louis Vuitton, then you will know right away that this hotel is a great Maldives expensive resort to experience. It’s the ultimate getaway for a number of reasons.

While it is expensive, you will definitely appreciate the treat to your senses. Whether you love the personal chef, the spa accommodations, or the water sports available, you’re covered here.

Cheval Blanc Randheli private island resort falls into the ultra-luxury resort category. Their overwater villas are pristine with award-winning French design concepts, unique decor in the villas, and private pools.

The white sand on the island leads you to pristine beaches. They have 46 total villas here, so you can mingle with the limited guest list, or spend time on a romantic adventure on your own.

They even have a private yacht here at the resort.

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4. Kudadoo Island Resort

Luxurious Kudadoo Island Resort

Kudadoo might have the most expensive villa in Maldives in certain seasons, and that’s because it’s one of the best when you’re looking for luxury. This world’s infamous underwater restaurant can be found here, giving you a stunning dinner experience that you won’t get on the other islands. It’s not far from Male and that underwater dining will be romantic, with exceptional service too.

One cool thing about this tropical luxurious resort is that they are always available for the best service to you. Their motto is that everything under the moon is available to you anytime and anywhere. It’s 100% all-inclusive all day and all night.

You can have unlimited luxurious spa treatments, unlimited water sports, the best wine cellar in the world, and tons of excursion opportunities like diving, and more.

This is yet another award-winning hotel with exclusive accommodations. The per-night rate includes everything you could possibly need for your ocean adventure. Your visit is going to be the best experience.

Guests also get a pool at their villa, luxurious Maldivian amenities, and phenomenal service too.

5. One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives Resort

Luxury Expensive Resort in Maldives

The One & Only Reethi Rah Maldivian resort is another of the best hotels in the area. Their villas are some of the most spacious you will find, with overwater designs, retractable roofs, and room to spread out and enjoy. It’s not far at all from Male and the dining is exquisite too.

The islands are private to the resort and your villa will make you feel like you’re in your own little world. Head over to the beach or the dining locations to see other guests at this exclusive resort. Their spa sits over the ocean like the villas and has amazing service choices too.

Guests can visit the ocean areas, hang out in their villas, explore other islands, soak up the sun at the beach, or take part in diving and other adventures. One & Only Reethi Rah in Maldives was awarded five-star rankings as one of the most prestigious resorts according to Forbes.

Clearly, this Maldives resort is doing something right!

6. Gili Lankanfushi Maldives Resort

Gili Lankanfushi Private Villa

When you’re looking at resorts in the Maldives, you might not think that Gili Lankanfushi would be one of the most expensive in Maldives, but it actually is. It’s perfectly placed in the Indian Ocean to give you close access to other Maldives locations.

You can also simply stay on the island your entire trip too.

The over-water villas have private infinity pool access and beautiful decks to just sit back and relax. Whether you hang out at the water villas or decide to engage in island activities, your family will have a blast. It’s a great choice for the whole family with their well-known kids club and luxury all around.

This luxury resort has a private butler dedicated to the villas to help with anything you need. From unpacking to planning, they will make your trip unforgettable. The spa is really great and the beach is gorgeous.

Their website has tons of information for planning and scheduling as well.

7. St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Maldives

St. Regis Expensive Villa

Finally, we close our covering of the most expensive resort in Maldives with the St. Regis Vommuli Resort in Maldives. The Vommuli resort is a branch of Marriott, which certainly knows how to bring luxury to hotels if you are at all familiar with the hotel chain.

But much like Four Seasons and other hotels, they make themselves stand out in Maldives with island resorts meant to impress. From infinity pools to overwater villas and everything in between, you simply can’t go wrong.

Be sure to check out their most expensive villa that stands out apart from all water villas out there. The John Jacob Astor Estate villa is almost like its own island when you read the details. It’s huge with tons of space, a jacuzzi, a large pool, and panoramic views.

This Maldives resort has a private yacht for guests to enjoy. The other villas are also nice, and you certainly cannot pass up the spa while you’re here on the islands.

What to Expect from the Most Expensive Resort in Maldives?

When you decide to go to the Maldives, you know it’s a big investment. Staying at most resorts in the Maldives can quickly get expensive. While it’s well worth it to stay at any Maldives hotel or resort, the most expensive options in Maldives likely are that way for a reason.

Guests continue to book at these locations from all over the world because the value is absolutely worth it. These are some of the things you should expect when you pay more for the most expensive resorts in the Maldives.

Private Beach Access

Private Beach AccessWhile guests will share the beach with each other, they won’t have to share it with other hotels in Maldives. This means that only a handful of select guests will be on the beach at any given time. You have plenty of space to spread out and just enjoy the island and the views around you.

Since these Maldives resorts are typically private, you likely won’t have to adhere to Maldives dress code that is as strict as if you were in Male or another more populated atoll location.

Breathtaking Villas & Views

Breathtaking Villas & ViewsIf you’re going to pay for some of the best experiences in the world, your accommodations need to be great too. While a hotel might have tons of activities and amenities, their rooms are often lackluster and too small to really enjoy.

But that’s not the case with these Maldives luxury accommodations. Your villas are going to be on a private island and will be absolutely stunning in design, comfort, amenities, and the view around you.

These resorts go above and beyond to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. You can’t even call this hotel life when you think about what you have at your fingertips and the views around you.

Amenities and Activities

Maldives resort activitiesYour accommodations need to be exquisite but you also need activities available to you. Most of the luxury locations in Maldives are all-inclusive properties that have a variety of things available to you. It’s part of what you’re paying for really.

What activities you’re looking for could easily vary but you will likely find many of these Maldives options available to you:

  • Spa treatments
  • Diving locations
  • Dining experiences
  • Pool and beach access
  • Cultural experiences

This is just a basic overview. Your diving capabilities might differ, as will the views you could experience. Just like your spa treatments will vary, but they will definitely be luxurious. You get the best of the best when you pay more for places like these.

If you are looking for the best spa treatments, visit our article: Maldives spa resorts

They aren’t just expensive because they impress in looks and design, but also because they think about providing you with everything you could possibly need to feel pampered and appreciated during your stay.

A Complete Maldives Experience

Complete Maldives ExperienceYour Maldives location could be a place you never want to leave. But some people want to take the opportunity to experience other parts of Maldives while they are here.

Look for a resort that offers transportation and shuttle opportunities so you can sightsee around Maldives if you want to.

We recommend making plans to visit Male while you’re in Maldives. There is much to see there for the ultimate Maldives experience. Your stay at the resort in Maldives should be grand, but you should also get the chance to experience other areas and see what life in Maldives is like for the people there.

Visit museums, the fish market, and experience Maldives for everything it has to offer.


Maldives exclusivityConsider whether your Maldives location of choice is going to be exclusive or not. This will have a direct impact on the privacy that you experience and will likely affect how you enjoy your stay. While you can move around to a different atoll or island to experience culture and life, this island and resort should be your exclusive residence while you’re there.

One of the things that you pay for at these more expensive locations is the privacy and exclusivity. You don’t have to share the island with tons of other tourists. It’s designed just for the guests that are at your resort in the Maldives, and it just makes it so quiet and peaceful when you need it.

Pampering at Your Fingertips

Maldives servicesOne thing you will likely notice about a lot of these expensive locations is that they offer more to make you feel pampered and served your entire stay. You will literally be waited on hand and foot. You’re on vacation, you shouldn’t have to do a bunch of work, right?

Some of these locations offer private chef opportunities directly at your villa. You might also get to experience offerings like a private butler there to serve your every need. The goal is for you to be able to let go of the worries of life, and let the resort personnel handle the details.

Life will be waiting when you leave Maldives, so don’t spend your time here worrying about the little things.

You’re covered and it’s oh-so nice!

Maldives is a Paradise for Everyone

Whether you choose to visit the most expensive resort in Maldives, or you’re simply looking for a luxurious Maldives experience, you really can’t go wrong. This will be one adventure you will likely never forget. Coming to Maldives should be the experience of a lifetime.

Maldives is paradise, and the cost of the trip is absolutely worth it. Are you ready to see the paradise of Maldives yet?

Start planning your vacation to Maldives!

Maldives Most Expensive Resorts on Map


Which Island is Expensive in Maldives?

Several of the Maldives islands can get pretty costly. You will find that on top of the ones we’ve shared here are locations like Four Seasons, Joali Maldives, Landaa Giraavaru, and more also fall into expensive Maldives travel categories.

What is the Most Expensive Villa in Maldives?

The most expensive location could vary during the year. Several Maldives facilities have select villas or locations that are more costly. Some of the most expensive include a four-bedroom retreat at Soneva Jani, a presidential suite at LUX South Ari Atoll, and other rooms from the resorts we shared above.

What is the Most Expensive Island Resort in the Maldives?

This also could vary from different times of the year, but the most expensive of Maldives in most cases is Velaa Private Island Resort, located on the Noonu atoll.

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