The Best Places to Stay in Maldives

Maldives is a seaside country known for its breathtaking scenery and lively culture, making it a top destination for vacations and weekend getaways. If you’re planning a trip to Maldives, it’s important to find a nice place to stay that allows you to experience the country for what it offers. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best places to stay in the Maldives.

You probably want something that meets the key factors, including a spectacular location, affordable price, and well-maintained facilities.

Throughout this article, we will guide you through the best resorts, hotels, and guesthouses in the Maldives to help you find the perfect vacation destination. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a vacation spot worth returning to.

If you already know what kind of accommodation you want, you can find the best choices below for each category.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Place to Stay in Maldives

Let’s begin with the key attributes you’ll want to consider when searching for the best place to stay. It’s always good to know what’s important to you so that you can narrow down your options.

Here are some of the best options to think about for your next stay in the Maldives.


Maldives is made up of 26 atolls and over 1,000 islands, each with its own unique features. Consider where you want to stay based on what you want to experience. Do you want a secluded island, a bustling city, or a resort island? Do you want it to be close to an airport or are you ready for a one more seaplane ride to your island destination.

It’s also good to know which islands you’ll be visiting, which can be figured out with some research.


Maldives is known for its luxury resorts, but there are also budget-friendly options available. Think about your budget and choose a place to stay that fits your financial constraints.

We understand that resorts can get expensive, and that’s not for everyone. There are plenty of options, so hold your worrying for now.

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Type of Accommodation

Maldives offers a range of accommodation options, from overwater villas to beach houses. What type of accommodation do you want to experience?

Choose a place to stay that offers the type of room or villa you’re looking for—whether it’s a resort, villa, or hotel.

Activities and Amenities

Maldives is known for its world-class scuba diving, snorkeling, and water sports like jet skiing. Consider what activities and amenities are important to you. Many places in Maldives offer a wide array of activities to participate in, but you may find more watersports by staying in beachfront housing.

If you’re looking forward to exploring the cities and getting to know the culture, we recommend staying in the city center or at least near Malé, Maldives.

Service and Hospitality

Maldives is known for its high level of service and hospitality. Consider the reputation of the resort or hotel you’re considering, and read reviews from previous guests to get an idea of the level of service you can expect.


Consider how you plan to get to and from your place of stay. Some resorts offer transfers from the airport, while others may require you to arrange your own transportation.

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Resort, Hotel, or Guesthouse?

Here are some pros and cons of staying at a resort, hotel, or guesthouse in the Maldives. Be sure to do your own research as well to weigh both sides.

Staying at a Resort in Maldives

We’re beginning with the resort experience since that’s what’s often thought of when people imagine a luxury island vacation. From all-inclusive food to waterslides and expansive pools, resorts are known to take relaxation to the next level.

What’s better than not needing to cook every day? Everything is at your fingertips at a resort, which surely isn’t a bad experience.

Pros of Staying at a Resort in Maldives

Resorts offer some of the best experiences you could ask for, especially in Maldives. One of the favorite aspects of resorts is the all-inclusive experience, from food and drinks to activities and entertainment. If you want four margaritas in one night, nothing stops you, not even the price.

The private island experience and luxury amenities are also large pros. Guests get an intimate and secluded getaway while enjoying spas, infinity pools, and fine-dining restaurants. Seven resorts even have an underwater restaurant.

We are sold on the resort experience at this point. If your budget allows it, the best places to stay in Maldives are definitely the resorts.

Cons of Staying at a Resort in Maldives

It’s nearly impossible to find an all-inclusive experience that isn’t at least somewhat expensive, which brings us to our first con: the price. Resorts can get quite expensive, and not everyone can afford to drop that money on a Maldives vacation.

Resorts are known for luxury, but luxury comes at a cost.

Many resorts also get crowded, with other tourists flocking to resorts for the same experience you’re looking for. It’s understandable, but this can reduce the sense of seclusion and privacy.

Resorts also cause limited interaction with the local culture since the guests stay within the confines of the resort. This can be a major con if you’re looking to learn about the Maldives and experience the true culture and lifestyle of the locals. Then they might not be the best place to stay in Maldives.

Best Resorts in Maldives

Check out a few of the best resorts that Maldives has to offer:

Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa – With five restaurants to choose from and a personalized butler to organize spa treatments, games of tennis, and tend to your wants, you’ll be truly living in paradise with this resort.

JW Marriott Maldives Resort and Spa – Decorated with traditional Maldivian-style decor, this resort is certainly a favorite. It’s set in the far-northern Shaviyani atoll, and offshore, there’s a reef that’s home to white-tip reef sharks, moray eels, and a variety of fish.

Hurawalhi Island Resort – If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, we promise you’ll find it here. This resort has the largest underwater restaurant in the Maldives and is surrounded by over 50 dive sites to explore.

Staying at a Hotel in Maldives

Now that we’ve explored resorts, let’s check out the hotels. Many hotels provide great service and free breakfasts and are located within the main cities or even beachfront.

It’s amazing to look out your hotel window to discover a view of the crystal-clear waters of Maldives.

Pros of Staying at a Hotel in Maldives

When compared to the costs of resorts, hotels are often more budget-friendly while offering good value, which is why many visitors opt for a hotel room.

You’ll also enjoy a free breakfast in the morning at many hotels, receive room service or baggage carriers, and maybe even have the opportunity to swim in their private pool and hot tub.

Hotels are also often located on local islands within the city centers, allowing guests to interact with the local culture and community more easily. This is great for those looking to experience the rich culture for themselves by walking among the natives, eating the local food of Maldives, and participating in common activities.

Cons of Staying at a Hotel in Maldives

Other than the simple lack of luxury, all-inclusive experience that you may be missing out on by staying in a hotel, there are a couple of other cons that can make people turn away from this option.

Sure, you’re receiving room service and included breakfast, but you won’t experience the same high-end amenities and services that resorts offer.

Another con of hotels is that they may be crowded, which may be due to location or time of year. This can be a hassle or just straight-up annoying. Being woken up in the middle of the night because of loud neighbors is no fun for anyone.

It may be a good idea to stay during the off-season.

Best Hotels in Maldives

With such a variety of hotels to choose from, it can be hard to choose a favorite. Here are some of ours:

  1. Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
  2. Samann Grand
  3. Amber Beach Hotel
  4. Arena Beach Hotel

Staying at a Guesthouse in Maldives

A guesthouse is always a wonderful idea, no matter where you’re traveling to. With the surge of sites like Airbnb, it’s simple to find a private home wherever you want to stay.

Guesthouses offer a taste of a traditional home in that area (if that’s what you’re looking for) and provide a more immersive experience within the Maldivian environment and culture.

Pros of Staying at a Guesthouse in Maldives

Guesthouses offer an array of pros, with the budget being a high one. These accommodations can be found for inexpensive prices around Maldives, even more so than some hotels.

Many individual people are offering their homes or rental properties for others to stay in, so it’s easy to get to know the owner personally and even discuss prices.

Guesthouses are also often located on local islands, which allows the guests to experience the culture and community. It’s always fun to choose a guesthouse as well because each is unique and has its own character.

Many Maldivian guesthouses are light, beachy, and well-maintained. Live like a true local and stay in one of their guesthouses.

Guesthouses are not the best places to stay in Maldives if you are looking for many services, but they definitely come in handy for some.

Cons of Staying at a Guesthouse in Maldives

The cons of guest houses also vary, and if you’re unlikely, the cons of your guesthouse could extend way past the pros. Typical cons include being in a crowded location (on a busy island or a loud road) and limited amenities, which means you won’t have the same opportunities that a hotel or resort may offer, like a pool and breakfast.

One of the most detrimental cons may be the basic or even lack of facilities. Guesthouses may not have hot water or offer limited electricity.

Since guesthouses aren’t regulated by large companies, it can be difficult to solve problems that could arise, like Wi-Fi issues or other problems. We don’t want to assume the worst, but these things are possible.

Best Guesthouses in Maldives

For the best guesthouses in Maldives, we recommend checking common housing sites such as Airbnb. If you’re looking for some popular options, though, here are a few of our favorites:

Trip Villa – Here, we have a quaint yet sophisticated guesthouse in the heart of North Ari Atoll Island. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and the scenic gardens.

White Sand Dhigurah – This guesthouse offers modern rooms with air conditioning and an on-site restaurant. It’s also within walking distance from Dhigurah’s white sandy beach.

Choose What Works Best for You

Whether you’re looking for a luxury, all-inclusive vacation or an intimate, inexpensive stay, there are the best places for everyone in the Maldives. You truly can’t go wrong with any choice, as each will provide you with a wonderful experience in the Maldives.

Use our guide for housing ideas, but be sure to venture out and do your own research as well.

We guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time no matter where you choose to stay!

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What are the best places to stay in the Maldives?

The best places to stay in the Maldives are luxury resorts on private islands, budget-friendly guesthouses, and luxury overwater villas. There’s a lot of great options, so you’re bound to find something that works!

Are there any affordable options for stays in the Maldives?

Yes, there are budget-friendly guesthouses in the Maldives that offer basic amenities at a more affordable price. We recommend the larger hotels for the best budget-friendly places to stay.

Are luxury overwater villas available in the Maldives?

Yes, luxury overwater villas are available in the Maldives, offering stunning views of the ocean and modern amenities.

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a place to stay in the Maldives?

Location, price, and facilities are the key factors to consider when choosing a place to stay in the Maldives. Keep these in mind, and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

Can travelers immerse themselves in the local culture in the Maldives?

Yes, travelers can immerse themselves in the local culture in the Maldives by staying in budget-friendly guesthouses on local islands. Try looking for a place within the city or nearby a local town.